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  1. ADV Prototype Hardtop - Professional Pictures + TrailRax Roof Rack Compatibility

    That wiper motor box will kill rear visibility and the rear window only opening out 90 degrees is a hard pass for me. Replicating the worst thing about the soft top in an expensive HT isn't going to separate me from my cash.
  2. What material did you use for top of Ford Security Drawer?

    I used something similar to this, not sure if this was the exact one but basically found one slightly larger than the top, cut it to fit and it works great. Rhino Anti-Fatigue Mats Black 3 ft. x 23 ft. x 9/16 in. Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat DTT36BX23 - The Home Depot Edit - after reading...
  3. Central TX Bronco Club

    riata or maxwell. Covert or Mak Haik is a joke for anything other than an oil change
  4. Rough Country "Heady Duty" Sliders - anyone have these? (Link attached)

    Isn't 1/8 inch steel a little thin for that style of slider? The price is pretty good but I wonder how well they will hold up to actually being used as a slider. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Can Bronco handle gas station car wash ?

    I will keep that in mind as I drag a cedar branch down the side of the Bronco
  6. Bronco Raptor photos no Fender Flares

    50% of Jeep owners would stop right there
  7. The Moment You've All Been Waiting For🙏 FORD BRONCO HARDTOP PROTOTYPE by ADV Fiberglass (Q&A Added)

    BOOO this man. For those of us that aren't impressed by 18 year old "influencers" please post the content here also.

    1000 times this, spending money on dirt collectors seems...silly
  9. Oooof...How NOT To Paint Your Beauty Rings

    Instead of making videos he should be watching some.
  10. Heritage Bronco (in Yellowstone Metallic) at Woodward Dream Cruise

    Agree 100%, I think the heritage package is tacky and ugly.
  11. I'm out.

    OP had to be a troll post, that is basically stock
  12. Couple dirt heads truck up a perfectly good Badlands!

    I could not pick a favorite show between the two, the self deprecating humor of both shows cracks me up.
  13. For those with painted / wrapped MIC tops ... how are they holding up?

    low key click mining instead of answering the question on the forum...i see what you did there
  14. Couple dirt heads truck up a perfectly good Badlands!

    exactly, look how how much dirt was in it....that clearly wasnt a new Bronco. If you dont realize DED does stuff like this strictly because they can and it makes them laugh you need to go watch all their shows. I personally love all the crap these two do.
  15. Passenger seat back loose

    I am taking it in next week, so they havent even looked at it yet.
  16. Passenger seat back loose

    Has anyone else experienced the seat back (molle panel seats) being loose and not latching in? it looks like it has two push in clips but I cant get them to lock into place.
  17. Rock Rails/Sliders that will help with do dings ?

    This issue i have run into is that so many of the modern SUVs have the curved doors that cut out around the rear tire, effectively moving the impact point up two feet making any protection down by the rocker useless. Someone's little crotch goblin slung their door open and left a nice big ass...
  18. Does SAS package now come with front locking hubs?

    yep and please take the washer button activated turn signal away while you are at it :D
  19. Central TX Bronco Club

    You sir, are mining for unobtainium. A soft top is readily available and cheap, hard tops are nearly impossible to get and EXPENSIVE. Not trying to Debbie Downer you but you are chasing a unicorn. If you want a hardtop...order one, that is the best advice I can give.