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  1. PSA / Tips on 2023MY Bronco ReOrdering

    Wow, this post is priceless. My dealer told me last night that it automatically updated and there was nothing either they or I needed to do. If I had believed them, I would have ended up cancelled. Shit. Show. To. The. MAXXXXXXXXXXXX!
  2. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    You guys...I'm really nervous. I contacted my dealer who said the following: "Ford has already rolled your order to 2023 without you or our dealership needing to do anything." The pizza tracker indeed says 2023 now, but he didn't ask me for docusign, nor did I receive an updated order via...
  3. Customer Service Intel as of 6/27/22 on Ordering, Scheduling, Production

    Same response I got. My dealer does not return any calls or emails. It’s a sick joke at this point.
  4. FOUND IT! The stupidest aftermarket Bronco mod

    Just saw this and had to post here.
  5. 🗓 2023MY Bronco Ordering, Production Scheduling, and Job #1 Dates

    Ah, I didn't realize we could bug them there. Thanks!!
  6. 636 days have passed since my Bronco Reservation. A status update would be nice

    Oh, they can tell you, they just choose not to. It's not like we can move our orders to other dealerships anymore, so not sure why it matters.
  7. 636 days have passed since my Bronco Reservation. A status update would be nice

    You're lucky. I was told, verbatim, "you're in line, just like everybody else."
  8. 636 days have passed since my Bronco Reservation. A status update would be nice

    My dealer will not disclose this info, which leaves me entirely in the dark.
  9. Ford will ship Broncos without chips controlling non-safety critical features

    I'd imagine you could get the work done at your nearest Ford dealership? That's my plan, anyway...
  10. Still Waiting for your Bronco? Check out this VIDEO! Sunny Mountain Bronco storage yard

    Same here. My dealership won't give me ANY info. It kills me knowing they know their allocations and where I am on the list, but won't tell me. :(
  11. You know what really chaps my a$$....

    I live in SW kinda rural Rivians....2 Broncos sighted total. (One of which I know the owner.) Sigh.
  12. Who else is losing hope?

    My name is Hope. No foolin'. It's been nothing but a curse my entire life. Still waiting on my base 2-door mic top squatch.
  13. Questions about dealer allocation

    I see. I mean, I've waited over a year and wouldn't change dealers at this point, but I guess that makes sense for people looking to order. Thanks!
  14. Questions about dealer allocation

    My dealer won't tell me what their allocation is. Why would they withhold that info?
  15. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Why isn't reservation date relevant? Just curious.
  16. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Agreed! I'd love to be able to export and play with the data myself!