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  1. Rust from Kicker Key 200?

    I ordered and installed the plugnplay wiring kit with the Kicker Key 200 amp several months ago. Like many, I mounted the amp on the plate under the steering column. When I went to make an amp adjustment today, I noticed quite a bit of rust on the plate and associated steel supports. Any one...
  2. Bad Graphics Design

    Just saw this Bronco for sale online. In my opinion, this may be the worst graphics idea I've seen. I generally like the two tone look with the large stripe down the side (retro), but something about this makes it hideous (again IMO). Maybe it's because the black is a matte finish?
  3. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    I love my CO Bronco, but I'm not sure I'm ready to go to this extreme. Unfortunately, there are no actual photos so I'm not sure how well they are executing on the concept. Any takers?
  4. Tail light issue?

    This evening, I noticed the tail light was out “partially” on the passenger side of my Bronco (1st and 2nd photo). Disappointed, I parked it back in the garage and started researching. After finding nothing, I went back and reviewed a video my wife had taken earlier before dark because I had...
  5. New member from Magnolia Tx

    Hello all, I joined the Gen 6 Bronco club this past Saturday and absolutely love it. I was prepared and willing to wait for a little while on a special order, but when the dealership told me the order window just closed and wouldn’t open back up until end of summer, I just couldn’t do it. Soooo...