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  1. What time is the 2023 order banks supposed to open?

    What time is the order banks supposed to open today at the dealerships? It’s not open for review at mine currently.
  2. Is 9/8 still the last scheduling day for MY22

    Is tomorrow 9/8 still the last scheduling day for the MY22? I wasn’t sure if any new information has been leaked or released. Thank you!
  3. Ford chat says I’m getting a 2022 MY

    I used the Ford chat earlier today. I’m unscheduled Clean but She said I’m on still on track to get a 2022 MY, but I seriously have my doubts…. My order was placed 02-15-22. Obx with lux advance 4x4 and MIC top. I haven’t seen any recent orders being scheduled, hopefully a mass scheduling event...
  4. Anyone know how many orders left unscheduled?

    Just wondering if anyone knew or had connections that knew how many orders are left unscheduled at this point? I know it’s a long shot, but I figured someone might know!