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  1. Wiper Replacement?

    After a terrible experience with the best that Rain-X had to offer I picked up some Trico Force 17" blades at Meijer for $21 each and they're excellent.
  2. Autopian dishes the dirt on the sameness of automotive audio systems

    Awesome, thank you for sharing that fix! I'm going to be trying this. Have you experimented with Polyfil in the cavities?
  3. New Headrest wanted!!!

    So what trim do you have and what kind of seats? The manual seems to point to the same tilting operation for both manual and power seats.
  4. New Bronco, a few concerns.

    I read all text in manuals as well. The manufacturer lays it all out for you in the most consolidated way, and with an index. So many people on here need to RTFM and answer their own questions...
  5. What is this in the instrument panel

    Is this your first vehicle?
  6. Autopian dishes the dirt on the sameness of automotive audio systems

    Nice read, thanks for sharing. I opted for the B&O in my Badlands and it's ok. A step down from the Lexicon system in my 2019 Genesis G70. The Bronco's sub rattle is getting to me a little bit so I may start fiddling with fixing those creaks and using some polyfil. I mostly justified the...
  7. Clean Radar Detector Install DIY

    Here's my mounting solution, although I have a headstart with a cordless Escort S3. Detector and dashcam held via two magnets each onto two 5" L-bracket plates bolted together into a T.
  8. How to disable off-road mode?

    Turn the GOAT mode dial to "Normal" and press the "2H" button. That should put you in the least off-road mode.
  9. Gun Racks & Storage [*** Storage Talk Only *** No Glorification, States, Laws, Permits, Politics or Usage Discussions]

    I purchased some rubber coated magnets on Amazon. Knine Outdoors was the brand. There are various magnets like that with a center screw hole or side holes, or you could Gorilla tape it somewhere.
  10. Life Sized Sasquatch Wall Decal Now In Stock at TMB!

    For some reason I pictured the decal being a life-sized sasquatched Bronco. I'm disappointed.
  11. Cactus Gray Colour Change on 2023 B&P

    Depends on the lighting. It's not quite as green as the top picture, but more minty than the bottom.
  12. Can Bronco handle gas station car wash ?

    Ya get your off roader PPF'd and ceramic coated for $5K then spend 3 hours each week hand washing it. Reapply graphene spray every month. Only after sundown, of course.
  13. 7MT Club

    Does anyone else's left shoe catch on the metal plate for the OBD2 port sometimes? I'm half tempted to saw it out of there and relocate.
  14. The brush guard - is it worth it?

    Also a hoop bar is a very easy addon later if you skip on it now. There are many aftermarket manufacturers, sizes, and shapes beyond the Ford one.
  15. Anyone use a Pedal Commander?

    I meant to mention, the reason I find these pedal adjusters valuable on manual transmissions is that it makes blipshifting easier. You can bring the revs up quicker for downshifts. I will admit that shifting up through the gears sometimes is a little more touchy when lifting off the accelerator...
  16. Anyone use a Pedal Commander?

    I have a Sprint Booster installed and it's great. It has 18 levels and I didn't have to adjust it very high to dial in the pedal feel I wanted.
  17. Start-stop with Manual Trans.

    I learned recently that as battery tech has continually improved there are now specific spec for systems with auto start/stop. So the whole thought process going into the design of these systems is more complex than an old conventional starter and battery combo cycling all day. Still, having an...
  18. Start-stop with Manual Trans.

    I also have a 7MT with installed A.S.S. Eliminator. Purchased from Stickerfab for $100. Easy install and fully worth it.
  19. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    The shifter boot on the manual transmission is made of a weird neoprene material or something. Would have much preferred it be leather to go with the rest of my leather interior.