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  1. Black Bronco Raptor on Bring A Trailer auction site

    I don’t get these comments. Jeeps have huge front black plastic fenders and small back plastic fenders. Nobody complains about those. I’m sure CJ guys moaned when Jeep went from steel to plastic fenders. I have a JK and they look fine.
  2. Black Bronco Raptor on Bring A Trailer auction site

    The one on Cars & Bids was loaded and went for 107k. This will sell for more on BAT and is a base with no options. My guess is $120.
  3. Bronco Raptor photos no Fender Flares

    I’m hoping with these plastic fenders being smooth, it will allow a wrap to stick. I’ve never had any vehicles wrapped so not very familiar with the process. I’m hoping a wrap will help protect from brush and rock chips.
  4. Bronco Raptor photos no Fender Flares

    Why not just wrap them instead of paint? Seems like you could accomplish the same thing with a wrap and get extra protection. I’m hoping to wrap mine when it gets here.
  5. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    Just got my photo today. It's shipped and on the rail. Expected 9/25 to 10/1.....most likely 10/15. Can't wait!
  6. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    I was originally planning to buy my Bronco at a large dealership by me and decided to stick with my local dealer. I was shocked when I got selected for golden ticket. I’m sure if I would have picked the large dealership I would not have been selected for GT. Long wait from day 1 reservation.
  7. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    Got my built email from Ford this morning. My estimated delivery is exactly when the wife and I will be in Hawaii. Waiting 2 years as a day one reservation is exciting to hear and scary at the same time for delivery. I have visions of the dealer joy riding before I even see it. For once I’m...
  8. His & Hers Broncos - Post Yours!

    Nice work on both of those. Tastefully done. Love the throwback wheels on the wife’s CG!
  9. Carbon Fiber Interior Updated?

    Good call out. You’re right. I was hoping the $1700 spend might net a bit more CF. Guess not.
  10. Question for those who have done Moab…

    Yes, they carry a water container and you can refill your Bronco Yeti they give out. Worked well for us in Moab. They also had snacks available and walked around during the trip to ask if you want anything. So much fun. Have a blast. The lunch spot they stop at has an amazing view!
  11. Carbon Fiber Interior Updated?

    I went back and looked at your thread and I recall that discussion now. So far all I’ve seen is press vehicles with it. I’m hoping someone with a Raptor in their driveway and the Carbon package can officially confirm or deny.
  12. Carbon Fiber Interior Updated?

    It looks like the carbon fiber trim kit is showing full carbon around the cup holders and console in the 360 interior view. Could it be true?? Anyone with an official delivered Raptor have Carbon to confirm? Look at the steering wheel and handle compared to the cup holders. It looks like the...
  13. 🌶 My Bronco Raptor (Hot Pepper Red) arrived at dealer today (9/3)

    I drove past the rail yard in Richmond, CA yesterday and saw a Raptor sitting there waiting to get delivered to some lucky person in Nor Cal. It was Eruption Green. Looks like they are at least landing in the yard.
  14. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    Hope they come with a V8!
  15. Pics of my Bronco with Halo Doors From Anderson Composites

    Huge miss by not getting a giant Bronco script tat on their left thigh. Guess I will have to convince the wife she needs a matching script on her right thigh so we look badass with those doors.
  16. 8/8/22 Build Week Group.

    Anyone with a Braptor in this build week get a shipped confirmation? I have a built confirmation but thinking these must still be on hold.
  17. Sayonara! Sold my Bronco and bought a Crosstrek.

    The STi is the only Subaru with a coolness factor in their line. Everything else is a station wagon from my childhood. That lifted thing from Subaru might possibly be the worst looking vehicle I’ve ever seen.
  18. How long til someone releases fixed flares?

    I have only seen the Raptor in pics and video. To order a Raptor without even seeing one seems nuts, but here we are. The front flare looks good to me. The back of the rear is the only spot I’m not loving in pics. I’m hoping to get just the flares wrapped with some body color / black to make...
  19. Ford sent me pic of Bronco Raptor coming off assembly line (photo bomb)

    I called Ford chat today and they confirmed my Raptor is built and ready to ship. Drove to my dealer and they also confirmed it is built and ready to ship. After being a day 1 reservation and reordering 3 times, getting the golden ticket and hearing it is actually built, I’m in shock. And...
  20. Toyota accessory homelink mirror for Bronco

    That makes sense. I was thinking garage door, not gate.