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  1. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Who makes that front bumper? Great lookin rig!
  2. 🔗 2023 Bronco Build and Price Page [Link Update!]

    I’m just glad they made sure the heritage edition is red or grey-scale only. It reminds me so much of the original bronco back in the 60’s when Ford said “you get no color options!” and all cars were grey-scale, and ford offered a very limited number of paint choices. Oh wait...
  3. 🔗 2023 Bronco Build and Price Page [Link Update!]

    I order badlands non sas as well. 4.46 gearing is still fine for 35s which I plan to run. I’d only feel the need for the 4.7 gearing if I planned to run 37s, which I don’t. You’re still getting 95% of the Sasquatch suspension, front/rear lockers and sway bar disconnect. And imo, the vinyl and...
  4. 2023 Bronco and Raptor Order Guide is here! [Heritage Edition Late Availability; No MOD Painted Top 😞]

    My favorite is how it took (this may have changed) a $2,400 leather package to get a back seat armrest with last years set up. Is ford just trying to piss us off? Lol. These are pretty standard things that should’ve been easily corrected once they noticed.
  5. Wrapped my fender flares with carbon fiber

    Awesome, I appreciate the info. I plan to do 0 offset so that’s nice to have some confirmation. Great work man hope you enjoy the rig!
  6. Wrapped my fender flares with carbon fiber

    That’s great looking. Personally, I think the matte makes all the difference in why I like this so much. On a side note, do you have a lift on that? I have a badlands non sas on the way that I plan to put 35s on with only a 1” level.
  7. Broncos everywhere!

    Yesterday on my drive home from work I saw 3. It was good seeing more on the road, and hopefully off the road once I have mine.
  8. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Or of the bronco?
  9. How long do you plan to own your new Bronco?

    Barring any drastic financial changes, my wife can sell it once I’m dead. I drove my 2000 ford ranger until it was dead. Been driving a Camry for the last 5 years bc I drive a lot for work sometimes and wanted better mileage to save for something actually awesome, just wasn’t sure what. Then...
  10. MIC Hard Top Roof Breaking / Cracking

    The crack would make sense from a drop. The corner piece wouldn’t though with so many scratches going in so many different directions. The trim piece on the bottom pulling out would be a bit odd from a drop too. If anything that part would maybe be bent in if that area was impacted. It’s looks...
  11. ⏰ No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (8/1)

    If MY22 orders actually automatically convert without having to reorder, shouldn’t we view that as a good thing towards the odds of having price protection at the 22 prices for MY23? Just thinking out loud, but if we had to resubmit orders I think that’d make it more likely we wouldn’t have any...
  12. Cousin shared a photo - 30kADM

    This car market bubble is gonna pop like houses in 08. I’ll be glad to not be 30k on the wrong side of a loan with a tough decision to make. Seeing this just confirms my patience will pay off. Probably getting bumped to 23, but at least I’ll be paying a reasonable amount.
  13. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    You running 33s on it? Couldn’t tell for sure. Looks incredible though, congrats!
  14. Early peek @ ROBINS EGG BLUE 2023 Bronco Color, Heritage Edition w/ Squared Flares and Painted MOD Hard Top!

    I may be one of few that think this, but ford missed a lot of opportunity with these special editions with the choices they’ve made. Love the bronco, but they dropped the ball on these special editions so far imo.
  15. Bronco Pricing Forecast

    Agree with you that it’s not a good choice to buy it, because it sounds like you think it’ll be a bad choice based on what you’ve said in this thread. That’s the exact reason I used the FJ comparison. If you applied the same “wait for cost to come down” to how the FJ played out, it wouldnt...
  16. Bronco Pricing Forecast

    Based on your comments in this thread it doesn’t sound like you feel comfortable buying it, and you want someone to agree. I don’t say that to be rude, I say that just to point out if you don’t really feel 100% comfortable buying a 60k vehicle, do not buy it regardless of market predictions or...
  17. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Do you mind me asking how much just the ceramic coating portion was? If you happen to know the individual breakdowns.