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  1. Thoughts on Body Lifts with the broncos IFS

    1/2" Hdpe body lift, used a 2 1/2" hole saw and a drill bit out of my junk drill bit drawer. I am in $55 and took an hour? Most of the time was spent on drilling out the pucks with a garden hose and M18 drill.
  2. Soft top has rivets now? It's a long thread...
  3. Soft top has rivets now?

    Missed it by days, I am a 8/5/2022 build date.
  4. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    Put my hard top on!
  5. Soft top has rivets now?

    This was a pleasant surprise, nice to see some common problem areas get addressed.
  6. I made a Badlands tractor w/ Accelera Badak X-Treme, tallest 35" tires made

    I almost bought a set when you posted the buy one get one half off. You can never have to aggressive of a tire, drowns out the rest of the world!
  7. Soft top has rivets now?

    Looks like they updated the design of the soft top.
  8. Where's the Bronco II section?

    At a minimum your going to have to do a full side by side comparison. You owe us after that last rock crawling thread.
  9. Where's the Bronco II section?

    How much of an impulse buy was this one? Looks like fun, you should put some 6g fender flares for fun! Single or dual overhead cam 4.0?
  10. Here's another axle swap

    Would be interesting to see how many fault lights it has. Not the worst show truck I have seen, just not worth much to anyone wanting to drive the speed limit.
  11. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    And out comes Big Mike's RCLT mall crawler. People seem to push that IFS can compete with a solid axle in the rocks. The only IFS that is better than a built solid axle is the custom king of the hammer IFS and it's big money/maintenance. Solid axles have really come a long ways in the last 10...
  12. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    This thread is like a flash back to 20 years ago when Jeep released the Rubicon.
  13. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    That is exactly what is going on in this thread!
  14. How much weight in back?

    Just put a pallet of flooring inside my bronco yesterday. Enough weight to drop my rear 2". No issues even at 30mph over a speed bump! No seat damage and no flooring damage.
  15. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    Body lift and you could move the gas tank up? Not much tummy tucking available on the bronco.
  16. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    Linked suspension is a common modification to the last 50 years of vehicles. That early bronco probably still has the factory front locator bars. Most rock crawlers are not new vehicles, Google long arm suspension for jeeps, to see the benefits.
  17. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    You are looking for solid axle clearance. Obstacles like that are good for linked suspension were you use the links as sliders. Bronco is not a the best in this category, it is a Ford ranger underneath. To many low hanging fruits!
  18. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    I went max lift on my second Bronco and full armor. I will say my Metalcloak ate up some clearance, but has been why I have slid over certain rocks. I would say the biggest draw back is ground clearance. Getting denied on rocks like that you getting into a more trail oriented rig with a trailer.
  19. Ford Performance tune gas mileage impact?

    Every tuned vehicle I have had has gotten better mileage on the freeway. Would I say it was cost effective, no... Around town and my foot, definitely worse.