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  1. Totaled my favorite truck ever

    Still waiting to hear what "Buy Back" number they give you........
  2. Painted Black Grill and Orange Letters - Thoughts?

    Looks Fantastic!!
  3. Texas WTB Modular or capable bumper.

    Would you also be selling the BB plastic bumper? I would be a buyer for that.
  4. Arkansas 2 door, Base or BB special- rock rails, coilovers

    I'm in Tulsa, OK. and interested in your 2-door rock rails, Badlands Bilstein's and the transfer case skid. I understand you want to meet face-to-face to talk price, but is there a ballpark number you have in mind?
  5. Indiana WTS: Big Bend Grille -- Reduced

    I wish you were closer. I would love to have that grill ready to be installed onto my Base (if it ever gets built).
  6. I ordered a Ford Maverick, anyone else?

    I was a Day 1 Reservation for the Maverick and got my XLT Hybrid 6 months ago. I drove it for a month, put 800 miles on it, and sold it for a quick $8,000 profit. It got way better mpg's than advertised. I could "bump" it to run electric on the highway and could achieve 55mpg's on my commute...
  7. Base Owners - How does the steering wheel really feel?

    I had a Maverick XLT for about 1 month before I sold it for a profit. My only complaint was the feel of the plastic steering wheel. I'm still waiting for my Base Bronco, and I already know I will hate the steering wheel, but I'll replace it when the time comes, or have leather professionally...
  8. Starting to get pulled in another direction...(sadly)

    I've always been a Toyota guy and frowned at Jeeps. I had a nice down payment ready for my Bronco, but got bumped another year so I used that money to buy myself a really nice used 4Runner late last year. It's taken me everywhere I wanted to go and was only 1/5th the price my buddy paid for...
  9. Colorado Road Trip: Bridal Veil Falls, Alta Ghost Town & Imogene Pass

    My sea level butt got dizzy just watching you..... I would need an Oxygen tank to walk a mile up that high.

    Those front crash bars also hit the Modular front bumper when trying to remove them, if anyone was wondering.
  11. PSA / Tips on 2023MY Bronco ReOrdering

    But "My Dealer Said"...... (I just wanted a drink)
  12. Thoughts on this fender flare style ?

    I'm really liking the Heritage flares, and these are in the ballpark, BUT the Heritage fenders are unique too. Seeing that extra round edge behind and above the flare would annoy me. My $0.03 (updated for inflation).
  13. Sneak peek at new innovative ARB Twin Compressor mount (within spare tire mount)

    I don't usually get excited about products, BUT THIS IS PERFECT!! Sign me up and take my money.
  14. Gap filler for ADD Rear bumper

    It's so Stealthy you can see right through it to the muffler. 🥁
  15. IAG steps rusting after a month?

    I want to send my sincerest apologies to @IAG Performance . Thank you for putting in the time to design, build, test and employ the personnel to manufacture products for our latest toys. Some of us are pretty appreciative of any aftermarket company making the effort to provide us choices for...
  16. Bronco August 2022 Sales: 10,032 sold / 15,092 produced

    Had you been here at the beginning, there was no "Allocation" model to follow for the Dealers or Reservation Holders. Us RH's made the false assumption that Ford would attempt to build Reservations in numerical order. We were later told about this dealer allocation process. Many of us ARE...
  17. Stinger 12” sub box mounted on back tail gate

    That looks like a Great solution!! Just remember to use OFC wires (true copper) and NOT CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum). Opening and closing the tail gate would cause CCA to crack over time, and not be good.