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  1. *Hurricane Ian StickerFab Update*

    My brother and sister in law were "riding it out" in Naples...... Condo overlooking the water..... Had to move beyond the second floor due to four feet of water... On the second floor !!. Folks do not attempt this at home ........
  2. Totaled my favorite truck ever

    You got knocked off your horse you get back on that pony..........!!!!
  3. Life Sized Sasquatch Wall Decal Now In Stock at TMB!

    Do you have the South Side Sasquatch (SSS) One? That's the one with three bullet holes in it.
  4. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    Oh I agree fully with your statement.... Other stuff too ...Concert Ticket, Gaming systems, even residential properties being taken by group funds investors. I could name more ....
  5. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    Ahhhh Capitalism at work ..... Supply and Demand... Classic. PT Barnum said.... Well you know the rest.......
  6. More 2023 Bronco changes confirmed: Base sound gets 7 speakers, HOSS 3.0 standard on Wildtrak, Azure Gray added, Cyber Orange removed

    Wow. My WT that was just built and waiting shipping gets the HOSS 3.0 standard...... Thanks FORD. With an OCT delivery you could have thrown them on mine.
  7. [Update: Tentative Deal Reached 9/15 to Avoid Strike!] Bronco rail train loading suspended as of 9/14 (Impending Rail Strike / Lockout)

    I agree. Anyone who feels this was gaming by the workers in a Covid crisis is not reviewing the situation at hand. Their contract was set to expire and negations were taking place as always. Both sides were acting in good faith to get to a resolution. The federal government under the 1986 Rail...
  8. Order code and Sales code

    And you had a base. Was it soft topped? That is about the luck one will have is to order a base with no additional packages. But she is already at 9 months.
  9. Order code and Sales code

    Dealer gives you an order number but you will get no reservation number that was for the role out in 2020. You are not getting a VIN number for awhile. You will be lucky to get it in 2013. I got a VIN number two years later on a reservation of July 18th 2020. It's being built this week. WT SAS...
  10. Bronco vs Deep Water ... 3 Broncos Down (Exceeding Maximum Water Fording Depth)

    Agreed too. This is just another driver error of judgement. Thank God this happened because I heard their next trip was to cross the Atlantic.
  11. Average Bronco Owner Spends $1,700 On Official Ford Parts & Accessories

    Same here. Ford Accessories are lack luster compared to third party vendors. My big accessory was the Rock Star Engineering auto steps. Ford accesories were a rear mat, tail gate tray , under wheel lights, and a mesh top. Took the 20% off that Ford offered.
  12. ⏰ No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (9/5)

    I am a July 18th 2020 reservation holder. WT SAS MIC LUX MOD Bumper Hitch. Build week Sept 5th. Moved from Aug 29th week.
  13. What MSRP increase ($$) makes you walk?

    I too have a build date Sept 5th week. I also have invoice pricing. (In writing). No one should be surprised walking into the dealer to pick up their Bronco.
  14. Squirrels are a$$holes

    Are you sure it was squirrels ............?
  15. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    Combine this with the other guy who posted this ............ enough said............
  16. Time to lower the road noise / NVH sound level - my DIY sound deadening material install project

    To add to the decibel levels conversation attached is a chart for review. I did watch a video of a person measuring with a device reading of 69 decibels. The Bronco had a soft top with no FORD top insulation.
  17. Oooof...How NOT To Paint Your Beauty Rings

    That paint job reminded me of something .................
  18. ⏰ Bronco Scheduling Next Week (8/15) For Production Build Weeks 10/3 Through 10/31

    Last month I recieved notice from dealer of my VIN and a Build date of Aug 29th. My reservation was July 18th 2020. WT SAS LUX MIC MOD Bumper Side decals Body protection and Hitch.
  19. BMW: 0 vs Bronco: 1 (rear end incident)

    Note To Self: Upgrade to a hitch with a three ball adapter. It will protect your asset.