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  1. Kentucky Sold: Matte Black Vinyl Topo Hood Bump and Lower 4 Door Vinyl

    These were purchased from Vortex Signs. Both are matte black. The lower door vinyl is no longer available with the BRONCO and horse...its just a solid mountain now. I can ship anywhere in the lower 48 and pickup is also available. The cost was $163 for both brand new and I'll sell as a set for $125.
  2. Badlands 4 door A51 non-squatch and FE 4 door Cactus Gray walk around

    Here’s a walk around video from the tour in Louisville, KY. I didn’t do any talking...just video so enjoy!!
  3. Completed Badlands 4-Door Bronco in Race Red

    Thought y’all might want to see a complete badlands in Race Red!!
  4. Painted Bronco Bodies Spotted