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  1. Is Demand softening?

    Same here in the state the Bronco is built, seller's are reducing the asking price many times. It will be an interesting year.
  2. Should be no surprise

  3. New here because I decided to order a Robin's Egg

    Told ya this was insanity
  4. New here because I decided to order a Robin's Egg

    I do not think I would wish this insanity on anyone-good luck!!
  5. 2023 Bronco and Raptor Order Guide is here! [Heritage Edition Late Availability; No MOD Painted Top 😞]

    Yea, the Chevy 2023 Colorado Trail Boss or ZR2 re design does not look too bad either
  6. Retail Orders for MY23??

    You would think so by now, but the SAS might still be a slow down issue.
  7. 2022 Bronco Wildtrak woes

    Guess I am going to be in for a Dubious choice-cause mine will be a pavement only rig.
  8. Which aftermarket exhaust sounds best?

    You need to hear a Porsche 911 GT3 rip then
  9. Favorite current and near future colors?

    I agree, I saw this color the first time last weekend in the sun, was sweet, later went back to the dealership and saw it at dusk, looked even sweeter.
  10. What MSRP increase ($$) makes you walk?

    Toyota's 2023 B&P is up, and i didn't think the 4runner was priced bad at all for a TRD Off Road Premium-maybe when the redesign hits, it will jump a lot.
  11. What MSRP increase ($$) makes you walk?

    IF it is $4K more when I am able to order than a 2022, I most likely will go to plan B and not be part of the Bronco family.
  12. Still Waiting for the MY23 Order Guide ? ? ? ?

    I think we need 10 more of these threads
  13. 2023 pricing and ordering?

    Yea right, this site is gonna blow up when its open.
  14. 1" or 2" lift to fit 285/70r17 tires?

    This is good news, I think the more aggressive 33's look good on most models.