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  1. 2 Week Deep Dive: 4D Badlands SAS w/ HI Pkg

    Really appreciate your review. Has lots of good ideas on aftermarket accessories. Will bookmark for future reference.
  2. Plug in coolers what do you all do overnight.

    Dometic CFX 55IM with a Jackery 1000WH power station. Just got back from a 4 day camping at Mt. Charleston, at 8k elevation, an hour outside Las Vegas. Was planning on a full featured campground. The Labor Day crowd got there before us. Ended up at a dried dispersed campsite off a dirt trail...
  3. ac360

    Bay Area Broncos

    @DC9atnight Good to hear that your 9/1 res. is getting a build date. This gives me hope that mine may have a chance to get scheduled this year. Although it may get delivered next year.
  4. ac360

    Bay Area Broncos

    Congrats! What's your reservation date? I'm trying to gauge whether mine will get build this year. I have a 8/10/20 reservation, also with Sean at Serramonte.
  5. How many key fobs on each Bronco?

    For some reason I thought it only came with one. That's why I'd tried searching to get a confirmation. Ultimately, I had to ask.
  6. How many key fobs on each Bronco?

    That was fast. Thanks.
  7. How many key fobs on each Bronco?

    Hate to start a thread to ask such a simple question. I'd tried searching many times but could not find the answer. So, how many key fob(s) shipped with each vehicle?
  8. Hollister Stair Step

    Only sound. No video.
  9. Serramonte Ford Bronco Specialist to Answer Your Bronco and Ford Questions

    I believe Sean is working with his regional rep to get more clarity on how the price protection would work for us.
  10. Serramonte Ford Bronco Specialist to Answer Your Bronco and Ford Questions

    Mine went from could be a MY21, to likely a MY22, a good chance in MY22, to probably a MY22, to currently unsure at all. Between supply chain issues, chip shortages, and now the war in eastern Europe, I'm resigned to a MY23. This is with a reservation 8/10/2020. The thing that bugs me is that...
  11. ac360

    Bay Area Broncos

    I believe Discount Tires owns America's Tire and recently also owns Tire Rack. I'd used America's Tire for over a decade, but recently my 2 local stores decided they would not mount my new wheels and tires (purchased via their online store) due to my car having aftermarket wheel studs (original...
  12. ac360

    Bay Area Broncos

    @calgecko Pretty much the same config in Oxford white and V6.
  13. ac360

    Bay Area Broncos

    Congrats! Judging from your very early July reservation date, those of us with August reservations would probably be looking at a August/ September delivery. A full 2+ year wait!
  14. 🤬 Naughty Bad Dealerships Hall of Shame ("Surprise ADM" List)

    You're right. I didn't see the line in the footer. Yeah. Not cool.
  15. 🤬 Naughty Bad Dealerships Hall of Shame ("Surprise ADM" List)

    Are you referring to the $1496? Might be the delivery fee that everyone has to pay.
  16. Thermometer issue: outside temperature showing 118 degrees and it’s really 64

    Sounds like the temp sensor maxed out to its max rated spec. This types of failure happens to all analog sensors when the circuit is completely opened or completely closed. Completely opened means the wire is disconnected/cut, or the sensor failed into an open state internally. Completely...
  17. ac360

    Bay Area Broncos

    At least you have yours already. I'm still waiting for mine to be scheduled. Got to be the MIC top constraint.
  18. ac360

    Bay Area Broncos

    I'd originally reserved through them in August 2020. But they would not commit to a price at that time. This prompted my move to Serramonte. Glad to hear they are keeping msrp on reservation orders.
  19. Start to Finish Tracking for My Personal Two Door

    Congrats on your new Bronco, Sean. At least you and da_joker have something. I'm still wait for mine to be made. You better give me a nice mug as a swag when I come in to sign the paper work. ;)