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  1. Build week of: 10/10/2022 Spread Sheet Attached

    At least now, I don't have to think about changing my Bronco's color every day.
  2. Build week of: 10/10/2022 Spread Sheet Attached

    I always thought "pound me too", was a strange rallying cry. I'll stick with "in production".
  3. Base Base arrive before BB or BD? Still a lot of constraints?

    I don't recall the mid-package or rear lockers being a constraint in the last year. So I don't believe that will be any help.
  4. What do I give up with Heritage vs Badlands?

    Take-off rock rails will be dirt cheap ($100), by the time you get it.
  5. Bronco vs. Hummer EV off-road review by TFL

    Not in the market for a compact truck, but the Colorado seems like it's got some stuff going with front/rear lockers, some lift, and a diesel option, over the homely looking ranger and a dated Tacoma.
  6. What do I give up with Heritage vs Badlands?

    Round fenders.
  7. Bronco and Minnesota/Canada Winters question

    I'm not a gadget guy, Ford can take their goat modes, a4wd, cameras, sensors, side curtain airbags, tpms, Ford pass, back up sensors, Lane assist, dual climate control, turbos and a bunch of other nonsense and scrap it all, just give me a heated drivers seat and tow package. Yes, it's enjoyable...
  8. Jeep XJ Comparison

    Had an 84(?), hands down the best rig I've ever seen in the snow, it was like a tank. Crank windows, manual transfer case, carbed engine, very simple, had like 110 HP (Hamster power).

    Interesting I thought the indentation in the seat contour, around the shoulder area was exclusive to the Badlands/Black Diamond. I've never noticed that on a WT.
  10. Bronco values one year from now?

    We've seen scaled back marketing because of the botched rollout, I anticipate a second wave when every televised football game and golf match is flooded with Bronco ads, every hometown parade will be filled with them, and the public finally gets to see them on the roads, without thinking Jeep...
  11. Definitive list of parts needed to swap base plastic bumper to modular bumper?

    Changed out standard bumper for Heavy-Duty Modular Bumper. | Bronco6G - 2021+ Ford Bronco & Bronco Raptor Forum, News, Blog & Owners Community Just cutting the standard hooks Replacing factory bumper with modular bumper | Bronco6G - 2021+ Ford Bronco & Bronco Raptor Forum, News, Blog & Owners...
  12. Custom 2-Door Wildtrak “Heritage Edition” Bronco Build

    Those LEDs look out of place, take away those and you've got an exceptional HE.
  13. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Looks like this: ZROADZ Z325431 Bronco LED Pod Light Bracket Kit Steel Gloss Black Front Bumper Top 2021-2022 (
  14. Bronco values one year from now?

    You piqued my interest, so I checked the Kelly Blue Book on a few Mustangs, (2016,2010,2008(?)), and 2 door Jeep Rubicon's (2011, 2008) none of the manuals booked higher than the autos (all other things being equal). I've pretty much always owned a manual because I can pick them up cheaper.
  15. Bronco Raptor hitch DIY install with pictures

    At what drop is that calculated? In Flip's photo that hitch has a drop of maybe 3 1/2"(?), if one uses that amount of drop, does max tow still apply?
  16. Help, 2023 Wildtrack vs Badlands...they are further apart now.

    I can pick-up a used softtop for around $1k, the last hard top in the classifieds I saw was listed for $6k(?) and sold almost immediately. I'd pay the $700 now, rather than roll the dice.
  17. Oil Change Requirements 2.7 -- stick with every 5k miles?

    Because that's the way we did it in the 60s and 70s with traditional oil, and we refuse to change our ways.
  18. Do you mostly drive in 2H or 4H?

    Living in a rural area, with a 30 mile (one way) commute to work, much of the winter involves driving on 90% on dry pavement, with 200 yard patch's of snow/drifts/ice behind every grove (10%). I probably have 30,000 miles on my 2004 F150 driving in 4H at 60mph on dry pavement. People here don't...