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  1. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    Neither was an EB. 3.50 gears, open diffs and a three speed wouldn't be the best combo for that trail. Take a stock EB against your stock 6G and see which goes farther. Now put the same money into mods as they have in those EB’s and see where a 6G will go. Love the fact that you really get...
  2. *Hurricane Ian StickerFab Update*

    Wow, stay safe!!
  3. Bronco Raptor auction prices not impressive so far

    These people are going to have a whole lot of learning to do when things get back to normal in the car world. It's almost like watching people handle money that didn't live through '08 or the interest rates of the 80's.
  4. Redesigned mirror caps with whistle reducing / eliminating strakes -- implemented by Mirror Whistling Fix TSB

    Jan '22 build, I have the whistle but no vortex generator. It happens with top on, sunder back windows open or shut. Makes no difference. I've seen where some have had success with a small bead of silicone on the mirror seam to stop it. I just keep forgetting to try it, I only remember I...
  5. Starting to get pulled in another direction...(sadly)

    If you want a Bronco, wait, if you want a car to drive around then buy whatever fits the need.
  6. What's your favorite bumper?

    Modular without nipple rings, hate those things.
  7. ARB Dual Air Compressor Mounting Kit Options - Which One Should I Get?

    I have the KR mount and so far so good. Wiring is perfect length to reach the battery. I probably would have gotten the JCR mount but they got beat by KR due to timing of the release. The JCR stuff I have is absolute top quality. I would not get a mount that puts the compressor in the cab...
  8. Connecting Warn winch to battery?

    How do they bend the ones you buy pre-bent without weakening the metal?
  9. Emergency Tire Patch / Repair Kits

    Those are great insertion tools but I already carry everything else so I didn't need the entire box of "other" stuff.
  10. Bestop needs to package their shipments better...

    My box looked similar but thankfully wasn't damaged. Can you still install it and wait for a replacement part?
  11. Emergency Tire Patch / Repair Kits

    Plug kits are great but don't get a wimpy one from Auto-Zone, it's not easy to plug a heavy duty 33" tire. You also need to practice, trying for the first time on side of a busy road at night in the rain with no shoulder will not end well. For me, I put the spare on and will only plug on...
  12. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Bronco looks awesome. Flip your flag, stars on the left.
  13. Re-Ordering for 2023: Need some help

    You don't need that negativity in your life. You can't fit 6 people in a 4-door either, I'm confused on the no 2 door mandate. Adding SAS has nothing to do with your place in line, it may however be a constraint and you won't get built as fast.
  14. Humorous sticker on quarter glass of new Broncos' MIC top

    You’re not even supposed to wash a hard top. softy can use touchless
  15. A pillar ditch light wiring

    Don't forget a ground, the Aux switch only has the hot side, you need to ground the light via a dedicated ground wire.
  16. Built a rear deck for 2D Bronco.

    After seeing what you have there you will be very disappointed with spending a grand plus on GooseGear. I'm sure their stuff is fine but no way is it better than what you've done. You can also pull the seatbelts from the lower mounting points and Ty-Wrap them out of the way up by the roll bar...
  17. Storing Bronco in garage question

    I'm not sure of your question but if it is, "will the bronco drive into that garage bay?" then the answer is yes.