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  1. Rust from Kicker Key 200?

    About 30 minutes north of Houston.
  2. Rust from Kicker Key 200?

    Thanks for the info and advice. I’m not too concerned if it doesn’t continue to get worse. I planned to check it again in a couple of weeks now that I have a comparison photo.
  3. Rust from Kicker Key 200?

    I ordered and installed the plugnplay wiring kit with the Kicker Key 200 amp several months ago. Like many, I mounted the amp on the plate under the steering column. When I went to make an amp adjustment today, I noticed quite a bit of rust on the plate and associated steel supports. Any one...
  4. Totaled my favorite truck ever

    If insurance gave you enough to buy a new one and you don’t replace it asap, then it wasn’t your “favorite truck ever”. If this happened to mine, I’d be on here posting pics of my new Bronco.
  5. Bronco Raptor photos no Fender Flares

    Can't wait to see the finished product
  6. Any Non-Kicker Key 200.4 Recommendations?

    Was coming to post the same thing. Ordered mine from there not long ago.
  7. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    Here are pictures of real shoes their customer service sent. They’re not Ford Bronco shoes but should be indicative
  8. Bad Graphics Design

    Agree, maybe it needs more red.
  9. Bad Graphics Design

    Just saw this Bronco for sale online. In my opinion, this may be the worst graphics idea I've seen. I generally like the two tone look with the large stripe down the side (retro), but something about this makes it hideous (again IMO). Maybe it's because the black is a matte finish?
  10. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    I emailed their customer service to see if they had any pics of real shoes. As I said in my OP, it's all about the execution of the concept. I'll post the pics if they send any.
  11. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    Let us know how they turn out! :LOL:
  12. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    Agree. Some of the other colors (not CO) aren't too bad. I actually think the white shoes aren't bad other than the Ford logo on the toe (grey shoes not have the logo)
  13. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    Looks like they only go up to size 14.
  14. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    Other colors (this isn't all of them)....
  15. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    I love my CO Bronco, but I'm not sure I'm ready to go to this extreme. Unfortunately, there are no actual photos so I'm not sure how well they are executing on the concept. Any takers?

    Interested...More info on installation please!
  17. A Collection of Used Broncos

    Their sister store which is a Kia dealership has another 17!
  18. Bronco grille concept: body colored headlight surround

    Here’s mine (it’s real, not photoshopped)
  19. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    Just placed my order. These guys were awesome to deal with. I chose the following: Kit 11-4 (harness plus 17 ft sub amp cable) Kicker Key 200.4 (PNPK was out of stock so I found and ordered one on Best Buy's website for $269) AudioControl ACM 1.300 mono amp AudioControl dash remote Kicker KS...
  20. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Yes and I’ve been very happy with them. I haven’t been off-road much yet but they haven’t really shown much road grime from normal road use