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  1. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    I went to my dealer Thursday, after we discussed the options and answered some questions I had about the conversion. I received the confirmation email from Ford with my 23 order details
  2. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    This is my 1st conversion, but from my understanding. You should get a email from Ford directly each time the order (reorder) is placed. But if your email is not correct you may not get it tho
  3. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    I did not get an email about converting my order to a 23. But i did convert my order this past Thursday and received the confirmation from Ford about my order. It is not regional. I’m in upstate South Carolina
  4. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    they do send a email for the order confirmation for the 23 model. I received mine shortly after my dealer converted my order
  5. PSA / Tips on 2023MY Bronco ReOrdering

    “My dealer said” Ford will start sending out update emails for all order holders every 45 days with information or updates about your 2023 order.
  6. What time is the 2023 order banks supposed to open?

    FYI, Im asking about updating my 2022 to 2023. Not new order.
  7. What time is the 2023 order banks supposed to open?

    What time is the order banks supposed to open today at the dealerships? It’s not open for review at mine currently.
  8. Is 9/8 still the last scheduling day for MY22

    Is tomorrow 9/8 still the last scheduling day for the MY22? I wasn’t sure if any new information has been leaked or released. Thank you!
  9. Ford's official email letter about getting bumped to 2023 model year

    Did this email only to reservation holders or everyone with an order? I have not received it. I have an order but not a reservation.
  10. Still Waiting for the MY23 Order Guide ? ? ? ?

    The order guide schedule seems to be in line with everything else that involves the Broncos.
  11. Ford chat says I’m getting a 2022 MY

    I used the Ford chat earlier today. I’m unscheduled Clean but She said I’m on still on track to get a 2022 MY, but I seriously have my doubts…. My order was placed 02-15-22. Obx with lux advance 4x4 and MIC top. I haven’t seen any recent orders being scheduled, hopefully a mass scheduling event...
  12. OBX Order Club sit rep

    i did not think to ask how many orders they had at the time I ordered. Next time I go up there I’m gonna ask and see what I can find out. they got 5 Broncos in last month. Seems like they are starting to deliver a few more than normal.
  13. OBX Order Club sit rep

    Ive ordered a obx on 2/15/22. Still order processing. Area 51 4 door Mic lux advance 4x4. I’m in upstate sc. I’ve ordered from George Coleman. Which dealer did you use?
  14. Anyone know how many orders left unscheduled?

    Just wondering if anyone knew or had connections that knew how many orders are left unscheduled at this point? I know it’s a long shot, but I figured someone might know!
  15. 2.3 Auto w/ 3.73 Gears on 35's Impression - improved driving experience over stock 32's

    I have a obx ordered. I’ve already picked up some used sas wheels. Did you have have to do anything to the rear tire carrier? Any blockage of the camera or any issues with the bottom rubber bumpers?
  16. February 2022 Orders!

    I’ve placed my order 2/15 and got the confirmation same day. Priority code 10. Obx 4 door area51 advanced 4x4, roast leather, lux. Mic top. ive contacted the Ford chat a few minutes ago. Below is the summarized response. “ I am happy that you reached out to us regarding your order! Review of...
  17. February 2022 Orders!

    I’ve ordered obx , with Lux, mic top, hot pepper red. 2/15. Confirmation same day. Haven’t heard anything since…