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  1. Humorous sticker on quarter glass of new Broncos' MIC top

    How’s he going to drive that Bronco with his enormous meat hands

    “why does my truck smell like a bunch of wieners?”
  3. Sound meter measured: 2021 Bronco interior noise decibels @ 50mph and 70mph (soft and hard top)

    I must be onto something with my minor weatherstripping mods. Using NIOSH on a hard top: 30 mph: 50.8 dB 50 mph: 58.5 dB 60 mph: 60.5 dB
  4. ADV Prototype Hardtop - Detailed Pictures & Videos

    It'll be interesting to see if they'll actually fulfill their pipeline by December, or if it gets pushed off until spring. Has been pushed back so many times already.
  5. Bronco updated. Alexa coming.

    It's pretty well documented what they do with your location data. Just search the news.
  6. Used Premium Fuel for the First Time

    The Coyote V8 can detect higher grade gasoline and calibrates itself differently. No reason Ford couldn’t have used similar technology in these engines, although these days, just be thankful yours runs at all.
  7. 2023 Heritage Edition ====Can you Not get the Lux Package ? ? ? ?

    There are plenty of nicer heritage editions out there if you can afford them.
  8. Wife laughed at how giddy I got

    Squatch Parade!
  9. Interesting road noise fix

    Didn’t think it was possible but seem to have actually improved the road noise by fixing some small issues with the hard top above the rear tire. Maybe it’s because I’m putting a 22 top on a 21, but there was a small gap between the top and the body around the alignment pin just behind the rear...
  10. MIC Noise Reduction Guide - wind sound- aka more (or less) cowbell please

    Do you mind downloading a decibel meter app and do a couple quick measurements? I’m curious how quiet it’s supposed to be when done properly.
  11. Keep one eye open Bronco owners

    You’re in PA so probably just a bad driver
  12. Bronco updated. Alexa coming.

    Never turned on FordPass. Never turned on updates. Now never plan to. Not even sure it works in Canada but I’ll start pulling wires and fuses if I have to.
  13. MIC top v2 developing hairline cracks

    This thread should be linked to by every thread about Ford having to prove it was your fault to deny warranty coverage.
  14. MIC Noise Reduction Guide - wind sound- aka more (or less) cowbell please

    I tried the panels tonight and it caused them to sit slightly higher, which actually made the wind noise worse 🤣 I guess I should be grateful I have a relatively quiet top and stop trying to improve it.
  15. MIC Noise Reduction Guide - wind sound- aka more (or less) cowbell please

    Sorry, maybe a better way to word the question is - what are the biggest bangs for the buck here?
  16. MIC Noise Reduction Guide - wind sound- aka more (or less) cowbell please

    Has anyone tried just the Z strip between the rear row and the cap? I am curious if this made any difference with rear wind noise. Given all of the debate about water and freezing on this thread, the Z strip is the only mitigation I’m considering. Thanks.
  17. ADV Prototype Hardtop - Detailed Pictures & Videos

    Yeah the top of my tailgate presses against the bottom seal, you have to have the tailgate open completely to open or close the glass, so the rubber can clear the door.
  18. ADV Prototype Hardtop - Detailed Pictures & Videos

    There’s a lip on the door that runs the whole span of the glass, afaik
  19. First wash just before hurricane Fiona hits Puerto Rico

    Maybe this isn’t the best time to ask, but did your MIC top leak at all from the car wash?