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  1. Soft top has rivets now?

    Looks like they updated the design of the soft top.
  2. Dear Ford ohh why must you be difficult

    First time I have ever needed a 18mm box wrench in my life...
  3. Need better lug nut that are low profile

    Looking for a recommendation for Black 12mm x 1.5 60 degree tapper lug nuts that will actual last more than 4-5 uses before the nut head starts deforming. Would like a set that is smaller than 17mm socket as my KMC wheels don't like anything bigger(already using a special thin wall socket)...
  4. Sport mode is different between Models and Trims

    So sport mode is different between my Big Bend and my Black Diamond. Both have/had 2.3 with 10 speed automatic but different ratios 3.73 vs 4.45. Big Bend with 3.73 in sport mode would limit the transmission to 8th gear, Black Diamond goes to 10th. Big Bend would hold the rpms higher...
  5. Right amount of lift

    How much lift do you want or do you feel is right? I keep bouncing around on how much to lift my Bronco. I went with a 2" lift on my Big Bend and still had issues dragging both bumpers and the belly. For the Sierra Nevada trails I keep telling myself max height, you can lower it latter. I am...
  6. California SAS collar lift spacer from Zone ZONF1301 kit

    Selling the collars with bump stops for Sas/badlands Bilstein shocks. $25 shipped a pair. Will send out USPS. 1 set of 1" spacers 1 set of 3/8" spacers Sold
  7. Let's talk about MIC, Soft Tops and Bestop

    Things that I didn't think about prior to purchasing. I have had a hard top (Version 2.0) for 3-4 months and just picked up a factory soft top. Couple of noticable things are the soft doesn't open as far. I'm 6ft tall and wacked my head on the soft top, this was an issue with my hard top that I...
  8. California Wtb Plastic front skid plate

    Prefer pick up in Nor-Cal or I can PayPal some some money for someone to ship me one Anyone have a base model or big bend plastic front bash plate they don't need? Mine has developed a hole.
  9. 7/16 Signal Peak Trail

    My photo dump
  10. Offroad Sync Compatible Apps

    Been looking for an offroad app for sync to help navigate forest service roads. I have been playing around with Gaia GPS. Anyone have any luck with another App? This one is $40 a year to download maps so I am hesitant to buy in. I use to have a sd card for my Garmin with the maps, just looking...
  11. Snacktime's Metalcloak Undercloak armor skidplates - install/dents/wear and tear

    Figure I should throw this up on the board. I will be straight up I'm was on the fence about buying this setup. Absolutely happy with the quality, fit and finish. Boxes arrived in fair condition for traveling lest than 10 miles. With offensive 4 letter words on it.
  12. Hard top J hooks

    Bought these off Amazon, figure I would post some pictures. Got these to mount a roof bag till my rack arrives. Could also be used to lift a hard top. Warning I am not responsible for strapping small children to the roof or roof damage.
  13. Clovis 4X4 Moonlight Madness Run June 24-26

    Just saw Clovis 4X4 is doing their annual Moonlight Madness Poker Run June 24-26. I pretty sure I'm going to go this year since I haven't been in long time. Anyone one else interested? FYI-Bald Mountain Trail is doable in a stock bronco (a bronco sport could make it with some belly rubs) and...
  14. Skid plate purchase opinions

    Update-I bought Metalcloak Well I'm ordering skid plates on Monday figure I would get a few opinions on options. Metalcloak-$1700 + Tax Boat sides, looks like the best system...
  15. Front springs spacers for added weight?

    Looking for coil preload spacers. Anyone found polyurethane coil spacers for the front? Looking for 1/4" to 1/2" spacers to compensate for winch/bumper upgrade.
  16. California Rough Country spare tire relocation bracket SACRAMENTO

    $75 Rough Country relocation bracket, Sacramento area only will not ship! Installer then pulled off due to not needing it.
  17. Spare tire fitment for aftermarket wheels

    Need an actual fitment guide, as I bought a Rough Country mount prior to and didn't need it. I have a 4-5mm gap. Picture of KMC 542 with 35s 17x9 with 18mm offset
  18. California WTB factory soft top

    Willing to spend $1000 for a factory 4 door soft top, I am located in Sacramento area willing to drive an hour or two to pick up.
  19. Don't underestimate the 27mm rear strut bottom nut...

    Finally killed my old air impact(20 year old Frankenstein special) this weekend, case split/cracked after some 20 years of abuse. FYI 1/2" 600ftlb impact didn't budge the nut and I gave up after 4ft cheater bar didn't help... So I ordered a new Milwaukee 1/2" High Torque Fuel Impact this...
  20. 2" Zone actual lift numbers

    Figured I would start an actual lift Thread. Zone 2" lift on a Big Bend 2 1/2" gain in the front 1 5/8 gain in the back Before After Front Before Front After Back before Back after