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  1. Powder Coated OBX Wheels! 🔥

    Thanks. Good info I don’t have to search for now!
  2. Powder Coated OBX Wheels! 🔥

    I'm considering Bronze powder coat for my EG OBX build. I thought it would be a lot cheaper than bronze wheels, although now I'm wondering if I'd be better off buying new bronze wheels and selling the OBX stock wheels.
  3. ⏰ 2023 Bronco Scheduling Begins! -- Starting Next Week (10/3) For 2023MY Production Build Weeks 11/4 Through 11/28

    Does priority even mean anything? Mines been 10 the entire time, and still 10 after conversion. Also, is towing still a constraint? I was just gonna go aftermarket w/ 4 pin for a bike rack and occasional Uhaul. I'm on the fence on whether I need a brake controller or not. I don't think so, but...
  4. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Wait, what? You can't select artist from the USB drive in motion under Sync 4? It was perfectly fine under my last Sync vehicle, a 2012 Fusion.
  5. CLEARANCE SALE | Door Panel Pocket MOLLE Set

    If I had any idea when my horse was gonna be born, I'd jump on this. But I don't want something to sit in my garage for months waiting.
  6. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Picture doesn’t capture it, but it’s identical. Anyone need me to bring one home from Spain?
  7. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    I actually pulled off the road to catch someone leaving a parking lot so I could see EG in person once. I agree the color variations are wonderful.
  8. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    I just had to convert from CO and I chose the EG because of this picture. Now my partner wants to see the roast seats with Area 51 paint. She's lobbying hard for A51.
  9. Unfulfilled Cyber Orange order holders - what 2023 color are you changing to?

    Just con Just got the email from my salesperson and converted. Went with green because someone in the EG thread posted a topless EG with Roast leather and it was too scrumptious.
  10. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    well, I’d prefer to not wait for an email, but my salesperson insists. maybe the Bronco rollout is just Ford playing 3D chess to get people to demand the end of dealer monopoly laws and switch to direct sales.
  11. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    And still No email from Ford. Wonder if I’m gonna fall through the cracks, because my salesperson insists they’re waiting for an email from Ford.
  12. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    I’ve gotten no email, and my salesperson won’t do anything until the dealer gets an email saying I’m converted. Grrrr. I’ve seen high school proms managed by students smoother than this.
  13. Unfulfilled Cyber Orange order holders - what 2023 color are you changing to?

    Torn between EG and A51. Saw an A51 with bronze wheels at the dealer and my partner loved it.
  14. 2023 Bronco and Raptor Order Guide is here! [Heritage Edition Late Availability; No MOD Painted Top 😞]

    emailed my salesperson today nc she said she’ll contact me when she gets the email from Ford saying I have to convert. That’s reassuring.
  15. Anybody have Bronco buyer's remorse and why?

    I‘m probably the kind of person OP is talking about - looking for something different, and may find it too different. Currently in a German sedan, but grew up in a Ford family and just really love the look of the Bronco. Three possibilities - I fall in love with off-roading (doubtful), I and...
  16. ⏰ No Bronco Scheduling This Week (9/12). 2023MY Scheduling Starts 10/6/22

    interesting - I just checked after your post, and mine still is unscheduled clean. I even specifically asked if it was balanced out and she said no. I’m resigned to losing CO, so all I want now is to settle my reorder.