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  1. Bronco vs Blazer: Death of the Bowtie

    Pretty happy with the look of the Chevy Blazer. It should be an awesome EV SUV which will leverage lots of innovations from the Lyriq which has an interior that makes the Tesla look "yestertech". And the current version of the Blazer is selling very well. Naming is not a big deal to me...
  2. Ride up Mt. Wachusett in Retro Theme Bronco

    I live near Cedar Point now... which is the roller coaster capital of the world. However, the scariest roller coaster I have ever been on was at Whalom Park. Mostly because it was so old and rickety.
  3. Ride up Mt. Wachusett in Retro Theme Bronco

    Learned to ski and rock climb right around there. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Rant: When will overpriced accessories stop?!

    I think the slogan is: "Get in the zone... Autozone." Also" "O O O O'Reilly Autoparts"
  5. How to drive a manual transmission Bronco (I teach my nephew)

    In this video I teach my nephew to drive a manual transmission Bronco. I show how to shift with your hand and also how to do the footwork. We also do donuts in the snow, see a sunset on the highway and record wind noise at high speeds.
  6. Age group demographics of Bronco owners!

    This was a painful survey to take as I "identify as a 25 year old" and I literally just turned 51.
  7. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    Can you swap out the letters for "Ford" or "[Insert 5-6 character name here]" or "[Insert favorite Wordle result here]"?
  8. Base Bronco in a Dark Color (Antimatter Blue), Unwashed, in Winter: Walk Arounds

    2 Full walk arounds of my Bronco, in the full sun, so you can see the Antimatter Blue color with dirt on it, both in the shade and in the sun. I hope this is helpful to you if you are choosing a dark color (Antimatter Blue is not available fo 2022, but Black or Eruption Green would be similar):
  9. GoPro Mounted on Door of 2021 Base 2-Door Bronco. Works well on the trail, until it fails!

    I learned my lesson. I have a clamp mount too (though it might scratch a little), which is probably more secure, especially in the cold.
  10. GoPro Mounted on Door of 2021 Base 2-Door Bronco. Works well on the trail, until it fails!

    After some fresh snow in Michigan, I took out my Bronco to an off road trail. I show where I mounted it, then I show video (some regular speed and some fast). Very happy with the result! However, about 8 minutes in, the mount failed and got completely destroyed. Fortunately, the GoPro still lives!
  11. 2021 4-Door Bronco Outer Banks at deal and SELLING AT MSRP!

    My Dealer contact: [email protected] has an Antimatter Blue Outer Banks (4-Door, Automatic) for sale AT MSRP (at of Nov 29 at 9pm EST)! Village Ford is my dealer (I am a customer) in Dearborn Michigan. NOTE: 1. I am not affiliated with Village Ford except as a happy customer...
  12. 2021 Bronco Owner's Gift Unboxing (came in 3 months after order...)

    I got a gift from Ford today! I do an unboxing, plus share my MPG and my unconventional mount for my phone on my dash:
  13. #GoGreen (Eruption Green) or #GoBlue (Antimatter Blue)

    Farris offers his "unbiased views" as he directly compares the #GoBlue (Antimatter) 2021 Bronco to the #GoGreen 2022 Bronco. He also weaves in some thoughts about Cyber Orange which is actually not that far off from "School Bus Yellow" or the Michigan Color "Maize". Some questions resolved...
  14. $15 CostCo v. $319 Bronco Seat Covers

    I made an impulse purchase at COSTCO... TWO seats covers for $15 or $7.50 each! In this video, I compare them to the $259 and $319 seat covers at and also do a full install and review and comparison to my previous $9/each cover. I show what they look like after install...
  15. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    I love this. I did a reaction video about it!
  16. 2021/2022 Bronco Hard-Top v. Soft-top Removal TIMED!

    I take off my Molded In Color (MIC) hard top panel (above the driver) and time it. NOTE: I have a roof rack, so it is a bit trickier than one without a roof rack. Then Joe ([email protected]), my Bronco sales consultant, does the same with a soft top. I go over costs, and...
  17. The Huge Crew Cab F-150 Lightning Pro Priced LOWER than the Base Bronco?

    I did a video to show you why the 2022 F-150 Lightning Pro Price (including tax credit) could actually be less expensive than a 2021 Base Bronco. Then compare the Base Bronco to the F-150 Crew Cab (which same size as the Lightning) as well as a Badlands 4-Door Broncos. Broncos are about as tall...
  18. Village Ford Sold Me My Base 2021 Bronco 2-Door at MSRP and I got 70K FordPass Points to use now!

    In this video, I explain my Base Bronco 2-Door Build. Then I interview [email protected] (my sales consultant) about how I got MSRP (and you can too). We also go into my 70,000+ FordPass points and how they can be used. NOTE: I have no affiliation with Village Ford except as a...