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  1. First Two Issues with my baby!!

    Well, it finally happened today, but not from a rock or stress, just heat. Woke up this morning to a cracked windshield. Looks like two more cracks starting from the same area! Next I noticed the trim behind the hood is popping up while under normal speeds, never had removed it, so not user...
  2. Boerne Car Show Today!

    Anyone going to the BRCC/Blackstone Grill Car Show today. It starts at 4pm. Open to all! I should be there around 3.
  3. 196 miles pulling a 12' empty trailer!

    Drove 196 miles today @ 80MPH with an empty 12' utility trailer today. Averaged 10.7 MPG. This is a real world example of what MPG new Bronco's get! I have yet to pull the trailer with my Polaris on it, but I can imagine! Using 93 Octane Unleaded! Also used Active cruise control the whole time...
  4. Dynamat custom cut for 2021 Bronco!

    Came across this, not sure if this has been posted already. They now have precut sound deadening kits for the new Bronco's Doors, floor and cargo areas so far. Sure they will be doing a headliner kit at some point.
  5. Jimmi-Jammer!

    ANYONE in the Phoenix area? Help out, this is something WE ALL need. Just got off the phone with Steve at Redline Tech. They're looking for a new Bronco to test fitment for their door lock protection. They need a Bronco for three or four days and will give a deal to the person who provides it...
  6. CigarTexan's Bronco

    Starting Point: Okay, now that the Bronco is home it time to start the journey. Ordered the Advanced Fiberglass 5" flair Fender/Quarters and Scoop Hood today(est. April). Dropping top of next week for White wrap. Grill will be painted white. Mirrors painted to body match (A51). Granite Alloy...
  7. Impromptu Meetup with Pickens Party of 5 and other B6G Members!

    Met up with @mpeugeot, @Joker and Pickens Party of Five this evening! What a great meetup, glad to meet some fellow B6Ger's and some famous ;) Youtuber's! Great folks all. Hope to make Moab happen for us all this year!
  8. 21 Bronco Just sold on Mecum

    Hammer dropped at $65,000- Just a Black Diamond with graphics, no other upgrades.
  9. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Anyone else get this email just now? The link will not work! Wish I could see my Bronco on the line. @Ford Motor Company
  10. What year did the F-150 go from 5 to 6 lugs?

    What year did the F-150 go from 5 to 6 lugs?
  11. Great info on MY2022 Ordering!

    Good informative video! Just happens to be my sales guy! 😉
  12. Ordered my new plates today!

  13. What is the fastest you've ever driven (in a car on ground!), what vehicle? Pro racing drivers don't count!

    BMW 750il = 170mph Open road '79 Jaguar XJ12 = 165mph Open road '93 Ford Lightning SVT = 120mph Open road All pre GPS, but calibrated!!
  14. Hope to be in my Bronco by next weekend! Thoughts on pricing in Texas

    Tracer has railcar in Fallon, Tx today @1:18pm. It's going to Tomball, TX, so it shouldn't be more that a few days out. My dealership has been shouting MSRP pricing from the get go and I do have a DocuSign with the DORA. I was going to send an email with some other questions, but was going to...
  15. [Render] FE Area 51 with White Top & Accents!

    Messing with some PhotoChop, I may have to make my FE look like this. I really think this would look great on the beach!