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  1. Dealer receiving stock units while I sit in MAP.

    Have your dealer reach out to the zone rep as to why it has not shipped . I had similar issues
  2. Purchase Price Agreement

    This is true. All I had was a signed order sheet and a hand shake at Cresent Ford in High Point. Picked it up at msrp listed on original order despite 2 price increases during wait
  3. 2.7 Gas Mileage - 11.2 MPG!?!

    I have a standard 2.7 OBX 2dr and have not made any changes yet. Just got back on a trip to Alabama from NC. Average mpg was 24.9 going and 23. 7 coming back . Previously had been getting around 17mpg. Still has less than 2k miles on it
  4. Is it really worth the wait?

    Congrats! Looks great. But to answer your post. No, it’s not worth the wait. Dont get me wrong , I really, really like it. And just got back from a trip to Alabama. Got 24.9 mpg average going down there. Getting lots and lots of compliments . However, after putting in a reservation on 7/15/20...
  5. Ford's official email letter about getting bumped to 2023 model year

    Well I hardly see anyone on this blog waiting for a soft top order ,so ……………
  6. Mabett Exclusive Upgrade Soft Top Mesh Sun Shade Available Now!

    Is there a 2dr version coming
  7. Ford has new painted MOD top supplier for Bronco after Webasto loses contract

    So is Webasto making the MOD top or have they got a different supplier
  8. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    I just purchased my 2 dr Outer Banks that I had on order from a dealer in NC and they took $1900 off right then when i purchased it. No ADM. I just don’t know how it seems to be so simple for some dealers yet other dealerships seem to take weeks or more to figure it out
  9. Bad Graphics Design

    I think it would look good if it had a red hardtop
  10. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Try adding the stripes. Getting a lot of compliments
  11. Cyber Orange 2021 Bronco with Ford Retro Hood Graphics Decal & Side Stripes

    Have a question. What do you put on the graphics as you wax the rest of your Bronco?
  12. NO New Bronco Retail Orders When 2023 Order Bank Opens 9/12. Dealer Stock and Converted Previous Orders Only.

    The problem is and always has been is the Webasto plant. Ford can/is building over 2000 Broncos a week but Webasto can’t even produce half that many hard tops a week
  13. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

  14. Ford graphics actual pictures

    When you wax your Bronco, is it ok to wax the graphics along with the rest or not
  15. Wait time?

    I agree with all said above. In a general sense , if you order a 4dr soft top- 6 months. A 4dr Hard top - 8 months, and a 2dr - 1 year. However, there are exceptions
  16. My Bronco was sold to someone else.

    This is the truth. I waited 2years and 4 days from reservation to get my 2dr . And all I had was a handshake . No ADM and great staff to buy from in NC
  17. Hello from NC!

    Picked up my 2dr OBX this week. Would like to give a shout out to Cresent Ford in High Point . No ADM and great staff to work with
  18. Never received my Bronco

    Well I can tell you fact that if the proper channels are followed , you can still get your Bronco. I just picked mine up this week. I received my built notice on 3/30. Went to awaiting shipment. ETA kept getting pushed and pushed. In May dealer contacted zone rep as to why my Bronco had not...
  19. Who is in the Two Year Club?

    Just got out of the two year club! Picked up my 2dr OBX on the 19th. FWIW , I like it a lot ! However those that say “it’s worth the wait “ , I disagree wholeheartedly. At the most I think a year wait is the most anyone should wait for any vehicle. If Ford would have stated it could be a 2...