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  1. Tie rod comparison, for funsies

    Oh just a comparison of the stock Bronco tie rod to a rack from a classic mini. Pretty much the same. 😂 Also, a comparison to a 100 series Land Cruiser. I was hoping I could make it work but the threads at the rack are different and it’s a little short. I didn’t even get to checking the taper...
  2. Arkansas Sold: Fabtech tie rod kit

    I bolted these up on my bronco and decided to stick with the factory tie rods and brace for now. You will need to supply loctite as I used the small vial that came with them. Price is $700 shipped. They were a little over $900 new after tax.
  3. Lifestyle Off-road bumper installed

    Got my bumper on Friday, installed it Saturday, used it Sunday. 😄 So far I love it. Parking sensors, ACC, and front camera all still work. The winch is definitely present in the front camera view but the camera is still usable. Going to order the Factor 55 flatlink to replace the factory Warn...