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  1. 33.5 VS 35s (looking for pictures to help make my decision)

    Btw, on YouTube a dealer with the channel "Town and Country" has a pretty good video of them mounting 35s and 37s on a Bronco without lifting. Pretty good visuals on what you are dealing with. Spoiler alert - 37s are HUGE! Jack
  2. 33.5 VS 35s (looking for pictures to help make my decision)

    You can still off road with a spacer lift. It will stiffen the ride a bit. But unless you want to get really technical it will be fine. IMHO the 4 doors aren't the best for pushing it too hard on the trail. Personally, I wouldn't sweat the crash bars. Considering they don't even put them on the...
  3. 33.5 VS 35s (looking for pictures to help make my decision)

    Reading your post as I am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for 35's to be installed on my Outer Banks 4 dr. I did my research and concluded that 35's would work with no lift but you have to remove the crash bars, which is easy. I still think you run some (albeit minor) risk of rubbing. I have no...
  4. Arizona PRICE DROP-$400! WTS OBX Outer Banks Tires and Wheels (set of 5) Take Offs

    9,300 miles, 9,200 of which very gentle street driving, 100 miles of off roading (also very light). See excellent condition in pictures. Does not include TPMS sensors. 0 miles on spare. Asking $400 OBO. 40th street and Camelback area in Phoenix
  5. 3-4" LIFT KITS by BDS Suspension | 2021+ FORD BRONCO

    I am also looking at lifting my stock outer banks. The low price of the 2 inch level kits are compelling. Off roading is light, this would be just for looks. But, as a non-diy guy, it seems once a technician has taken the suspension apart doing spacers vs something with the coils would be a...
  6. MommaLongNips's Bronco Build

    I think the roof rack kicks a$$
  7. Mabett Cargo Cover for 4 door coming soon!

    I'll be a buyer
  8. Give a shout out to your dealership if they honored MSRP pricing

    Sanderson Ford, Phoenix area. GREAT buying experience!
  9. 02/07/2022 Build Week Group

    I ordered an Outer Banks with the V6 in a soft top on November 24th. Just got my email Friday then I am week of February 7th. No Sasquatch package and no tow kit. Mine does have the Lux package on it. Seems like this configuration isn't being impacted by the supply chain issues too much