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  1. Icon Alloys Rebound Pro wheels mated w/ 35” Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 tires on Bronco Badlands

    Nice! I have a set of Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT 35"x12.50" on my Wrangler and love them.
  2. Horsin' Around YouTube Channel

    Good vids. I've been wanting to see what the Base model could do. Subscribed.
  3. 2 Door Bronco Loses Big

    This is what I wanted also, so I'd be waiting.
  4. 2 Door Bronco Loses Big

    I haven't posted on here in quite a while. I'm a 7/16 reservation holder, and bought a 2 door wrangler JL sport back in December. I really feel for you guys, and would have been in the same boat as you, because all I wanted was a 2 door Bronco.
  5. Took delivery yesterday: Timeline, MIC Top Inspection, Impressions of Big Bend 2.7L

    Congrats on your new Bronco. At 52 I can relate to you a bit about the electronics. A few years back when I bought a new BMW after more than 15 years not buying a new car it was a little overwhelming to me also. At one point I had to pull over on the side of the road just to make sure I had...
  6. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Now that's what I've been waiting to see!!
  7. KOH Bronco video coverage by Exodus 4x4

    Nice video. It's stuff like this that has me still hanging onto my reservation.
  8. Iconic Silver Bronco spotted on highway.

    Looks good, the Basesquatch is how I think I would have configured it.
  9. Stop the hate! The Bronco is back!

    I've been pretty happy with the Bronco overall. A lot of stuff people have complained about don't interest or bother me, so it does kind of wear me down at times. Admittedly I've been drawn into some of it. I mainly wanted to get back into a basic Jeep sport, that I once owned, and missed...
  10. Pictures: Sasquatch next to Jeep with 35" tires and lift & More Cactus Grey and Cyber Orange

    Agreed. I think he may be using a bit of hyperbole when comparing the jeep to the military vehicle. I've ridden in and driven military transports/vehicles and none of them rode like a civilian truck or car. I like seeing the pics of Jeep and Broncos next to each other.
  11. Race Red Outer Banks Sasquatch | Navy Pier Interior Seats

    Thanks for the nice pics. I've been wanting to see more pics of a 2DR with the side step bars. I'm still debating getting the factory tube steps or aftermarket. I'm more of a fan of the old oval-style steps or something similar to what I had on my Jeep.
  12. Did B&P change up colors on vehicles???

    Yeah, I like the look of Cactus grey more in photos than on the B&P. On the B&P it looks unusual.
  13. Cheapest way to get rear locker on Base

    OP, I'm sort of in the same boat. I've been wanting the BB for awhile, but have been considering the Base with Sasquatch. I've added a rear locker to all my saved configurations from the B&P. The Sasquatch package is a bit of overkill for me, but it's really hard not to consider it for what...
  14. Photo: Iconic Silver 2-door Base Model

    That's a nice looking side view. The base model looks good also. I'm so very very tempted to just get the base, add Sasquatch, Aux switches and call it good.
  15. Paint film

    I've got PPF installed on my M2 right after I picked it up from the performance center. Over 2.5 years later I'm really happy with it. For what it cost I'm willing to get it on my Bronco, and am glad they're offering it. I haven't had any issues adding it on B&P, but I'm mostly configuring...
  16. Biggest Complaints So Far

    Other. I wish Ford hadn't hamstrung the Base model so much. At least give it wheel and tire sizes the same as a Jeep Wrangler Sport.
  17. Unpopular Opinion: I don’t mind the MIC Top

    I also never had an issue with the MIC top . I do kinda feel sorry for people who do, since no other top is available until later.
  18. Removable roofs and possibility of leaks?

    Never had a jeep with the hard top, but what you said makes total sense. I had a Jeep with a soft top and it never leaked, but had wondered about the ones with freedom panels.
  19. First look at Antimatter Blue Bronco in the sun!

    Nice to see the 2 DR. Big Bend from the side. It has a nice stance and I will be happy with it.
  20. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Thanks for bringing this up. I live in Georgia and our tax rate is 7% on vehicles (Ad valorem). There is an offset when you trade a car in. I'm not sure how this will work with Stephens, with my trade in, since I'm trading in a car I didn't buy new.