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  1. Fluid Film Corrosion Protection Applied to Bronco Raptor Undercarriage / Underbody

    Here’s one video I’ve watched a few times. There’s anotherYouTube video i found in a thread on this forum awhile ago. If i find that one, I’ll link it here too. edit: i found it.
  2. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    Cool. This verified my memory is correct. Lol. I thought i placed my reservation on 10/1 very early in the morning, so this is a good sign I’m not losing my marbles. Thanks!
  3. Report: 2023 Bronco order banks will open February 2023

    If I understand this correctly. Your dealer hasn't placed your order yet for MY23 and you're a MY22 order currently? If so, you better convince your dealer to put your order in by Nov 21st. Or it'll get wiped out of the system. Whether or not you're "ahead" of the new orders placed when...
  4. Northern Illinois

    Anyone looking for a BaseSas 2.7 hardtop? There's one at a Ford dealer in Tinley Park, but it comes with ADM. Just thought I'd let the N. Illinois group onto it, if you're interested. edit: I have zero dealership affiliation. I called about availability and price.
  5. Report: 2023 Bronco order banks will open February 2023

    This is exactly why they'll open up to new orders. Their shit high pressure dealers, who don't/didn't have a high volume of reservations want their dealer stock or ability to order for customers they'll hit with ADM. At least that's my take. Good luck everyone.
  6. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    I can give you an idea. I'm an early morning 10/1 and I'm #160. edit: At least if my memory serves me well, I was early morning. LOL
  7. Ultimate 2023MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    If I understand it all, PP belongs to your name, not the dealer or order. It is tied to your name and can be used on another Bronco from a different dealer than where you ordered.
  8. Ultimate 2023MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    Your dealer is incorrect. The cynic in me thinks dealers who say this have an agenda to get that PP refunded to them without the buyer knowing. Since buyers can't access the SmartVincent system, it's pretty fool proof for dealers to do this too. Irritating.
  9. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    Heck, I'm starting to think about the Explorer Timberline for our family. $1k below invoice?
  10. dingle87

    Granger Fan Club - Broncotown, USA

    pretty sure they were $1k below invoice on Lightnings if you reserved directly with Granger. Congrats.
  11. 📬 2023 Bronco production scheduled build emails now going out! Gets yours yet?

    No, I'm pretty sure they mean 2021. Go look at the threads related to build week spreadsheets, if you want to get more frustrated. You'll see 2021 and 2022 well represented on those pages.
  12. Dealer messed up, what to do now?

    If OP asked dealers not to submit until after he reviewed (which he stated in his post), then why is the dealer submitting the order? Every other detail doesn’t matter after that. It simply shouldn’t have been submitted. If the order holder didn’t care about the first week of scheduling, then...
  13. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    You’re the reservation holders I’m happy for today. You early reservations should get scheduled first. We know dealer allocation is driving the bus, but to see January 2021 - January 2022 people get scheduled is a kick to the teeth for reservationists who’ve been waiting since July 2020. Ford...
  14. How many reservations are there out there?

    Reservations? 100k+ Orders? Tens of thousands
  15. Tip: Upgrade Stereo for Free at Best Buy

    I’ll keep this in mind. Geneva isn’t far from me at all. It’d be worth the peace of mind worth the solid review you’re giving them. Never really thought of the BB credit card rewards adding up like that. Thanks!