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  1. So what is "it" about the Bronco (for you)?

    When our baby now toddler needs a nap, it's my vehicle of choice. He sleeps for part of it and I get to go for a ride, sometimes offroad and he loves it.
  2. 🍂 Show me your Fall (Autumn) Photos! I’ll start.

    Today near Silver Lake Flat in Utah
  3. 🍂 Show me your Fall (Autumn) Photos! I’ll start.

    Earlier this week above Provo UT

    Nice! Yes post pictures
  5. Discover Your Ford is hosting a livestream on Thursday, May 26 at 7 p.m. ET

    Would this be something new to what Off Rodeo already offers? I went earlier this month and they said they are thinking of offering more advanced off-roading courses.
  6. Need to bring water?

    Which Off Rodeo are you going to? We went to Moab and brought snacks and a small cooler of drinks. I recommend doing that!
  7. I can't wait to go off road. What can I do?

    I'd order the cheapest 2 door Jeep Wrangler (something like this, I did add in a few essentials like AC, mats, etc,PW7,T5,ERC,DEM,DLK,DSA,Z1H,SDA,TTC,WD2,A7,UAG,HAA,CWA,23B) via Granger at 4% under...

    I had a rock/pebble from a Jeep Wrangler going the other direction hit my windshield. I took it in to have the chip repaired but it was not a deep chip and did not require repair. Lucky so far.
  9. Utah WTB Bronco

    I dont see many listed below $65k that are Black Diamonds and up. Sad when this one looks like a "deal"
  10. Bronco at 50% off MSRP

    Looks cool. I noticed a lot of bad reviews for this on Targets site. Has anyone here had one of these for a while?
  11. utbronco

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    @azuano3654 checked out onion creek, really cool drive! Thanks for the tip
  12. utbronco

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    Yes I’ll be down there. Not sure of our plan other than Off Rodeo on Friday
  13. 🌧️ 4 door soft top Safari performance in rain?

    I haven’t been caught in the rain in safari mode but I have rinsed the cargo area out and water does make its way to the underfloor storage. I am going to get a cargo tray liner to prevent this.
  14. Weekender near Escalante with Bronco Black Diamond

    Just returned from about a 400 mile round-trip weekender to the Escalante Utah area. We bought the 2021 Black Diamond Bronco last September and this is our first trip in it, and first time camping in the Bronco. I see questions here and there about what to see and where to go when traveling...
  15. utbronco

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    Thanks for the insight. Heading down this weekend. Off Rodeo on Friday. Temps will be in the 80's & 90's
  16. utbronco

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    For those that have been to Off Rodeo in Moab, do they provide drinks or coolers while on the trail portion of the day or do you bring your own drinks and cooler?
  17. Road Trip: BC to Las Vegas

    If you are going from St George to Moab, take this route if you have time. Plenty to see along the way.
  18. Positive Shout Out Team Ford Las Vegas

    Nice! What was your build? Any pics?