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  1. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    Im out officially today guys..... Couldnt wait another x months or years to get mine.... Also didnt like the sight unseen aspect , not driving one , unknown out the door cost at delivery time in 2022 etc..... Id be lying if I didnt say a bed is important to me too .... So I pulled the trigger...
  2. Dealer called to convert, surprise 5k ADM

    Cracks me up...its YOUR they think pushing keyboard buttons to enter your order in the system is really worth 5k ? F them ...Run Forrest run........
  3. sootie007

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    Noahr ....19 of what month ?
  4. Who is getting a bone base plane jane Bronco?

    Base will suit me fine.....Im coming from a smaller, mid package , bare bones UTE the last 6 yrs with minimal tech I dont need a feature heavy vehicle ...Base, 4 dr, 2.7, auto, flaps, keypad, hard top, sound deadening, floor liners. Wheels and bigger tires will be my first upgrade...
  5. sootie007

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    So when is the last week we can go in and place our order with you ?
  6. sootie007

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    @noahr Great looking good for 2023 - LOL.
  7. sootie007

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    John Kennedy Clermont ...position on list ?
  8. sootie007

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

  9. Base 4 door Interior photos

    I will be happy with that ...thanks for posting.
  10. 2.3 or 2.7 ?

    Looks like an octopus that threw up on a ball of yarn :( .
  11. Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    Has anyone been close to these panels in person ? I cant believe they are charging that for what looks to be a single layer of felt ? I could understand if it has multiple layers of material ie temp reflecting layer, sound deadening layer etc.....but sheesh .......
  12. Why is the 2.7 tuned down HP wise in the Bronco compared to other Ford/Lincoln models?

    I think they always roll out new model vehicles with a slightly detuned powertrain so as to get a good reputation going for the powertrain reliability and to keep adding 5-10 hp during the subsequent yrs to lure people to buy the "improved" model year to year. I remember back around 2000 when...
  13. Will this hit us as well?

    Personally if they hit us with another $1000-$1200 before we can order Im out...bait and switch plain and simple..... they can spin it any way they want ....I will buy a proven 4wd Tacoma and probably be better off with that legacy design anyway ......FWIW .
  14. Latest Levine: Base & Big Bend Sasquatch pricing should be $7,385

    BS ! My opinion is this price raising shxx will continue all the way up to ordering day .....shame on you Ford.
  15. 2.7L PRICE INCREASES! - Time to switch from Badlands 2.7L to Wildtrak??

    Bait and switch ...get everybody interested up front with a low price, then slowly incrementally raise the price on them until they can order and take delivery ....what a bunch of shxx.
  16. Extended Warranty costs

    Tx Nay Nay ....will take you up on that .
  17. Extended Warranty costs

    I looked at Flood Ford ESP plans...looks like you can get a 150k 8 yr powertrain plan for 2k ...... accepted at 5k Ford dealers supposedly ......I understand not wanting to shell out 2k for a plan but I have read online about Ford Turbos going at 30k a few times.....thats something I dont want...
  18. Extended Warranty costs

    I do about 24k miles a yr I will be racking up the miles on my Bronco. For the first time in my life I will need to purchase an extended warranty as I plan on keeping mine 150k at least . I have no clue what they cost or how many miles they cover. Can people chime in on Ford or others...