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  1. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Thanks @BadBlueBronco for the idea... Have too say I'm loving look and the drive feels a bit smother then stock. Replace the sas wheels /rubber with these Pro Comp 69 Series Vintage Wheel, 17x9 with 6 on 5.5 Bolt Pattern. and some BFG K02 315/70/17. Gained a bit of poke too which was nice ...
  2. KC Lights on Capable Bumper

    Thanks that’s not too bad. I’m thinking it will be fine so I ordered everything.
  3. KC Lights on Capable Bumper

    I don't mind if camera is a bit blocked...I just placed my order for the bar. Now to get my KC lights ordered. Are most people running the 151 Apollo Pro 6" lights......thinking spread or spot ...
  4. Capable bumper D-ring paint

    Do you think I could punch the pins out while the D rings are still mounted to the truck ?
  5. KC Lights on Capable Bumper

    This is great was hoping there might be a solution for a bush bar and lights on my capable bumper. Does anyone know if my camera would be blocked if I just run 2 ROUND KC lights on this bar.
  6. Capable bumper D-ring paint

    question will the the plastic surrounds come off with a pry tool and does the skid plate need to come off ?
  7. Capable bumper D-ring paint

    can somebody tell me what the steps are to removing the capable bumper... I want to paint the D rings
  8. Removal of D-links on the Capable Bumper to Paint?

    Bump....has anyone removed these for paint.... really don't want to remove the whole bumper. hoping its simpler then it looks ?
  9. Self Made DIY Tow Package (If 7-Pin Not Needed)

    Nice can you post the link for number 3..... 3. Wiring Connector: Road Tough - $16.89 (Amazon)
  10. Canadian pricing for Bronco changed for 2022

    My Badlands build I did last week says steel bumper included is that different then the Ford Performance Heavy-Duty Modular bumper which looks like an option on badlands now
  11. Canadian pricing for Bronco changed for 2022

    I feel you pain just placed my order with my dealer in Toronto today and yeah prices have gone up on the B & P site Few weeks ago I would have saved so cash. These days price hikes are always blamed on the pandemic it’s all a bunch of BS.