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  1. Archaic Tail Light Full Led Install

    Great writeup. I never did Forscan. Only item not working was the animation. The animation works when I unlock the car with a keyfob.
  2. California Signature LED Taillights

    If anyone is interested please PM me.
  3. California Sold: OEM 2022 Badlands Grill with Smoked Raptor Style Lighting

    Selling a Ford Badlands Grill from 2022 Bronco. Comes with Raptor Style Smoked lights which can be used or removed easily. Will ship anywhere in the US. Just have not removed while waiting for me replacement grill $325 shipped
  4. California Signature LED Taillights

    Selling a set of OEM signature LED taillights Rear Left and Rear Right. Perfect condition and removed from my 2022 Badlands Part M2DZ-13405-B. LED VERSION $750 FOR BOTH SHIPPED anywhere in the US. PM me if interested
  5. Axle, Steering & Perch Collar Upgrades - observations and install notes

    Hi nice work. Any thoughts on the RCV axles? Does it seem like a worthwhile upgrade from stock? Still looks like a pretty steep angle. Any clicks, cracks or noises in general from the axles when turning?
  6. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    Pm sent
  7. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    Mine do not delay at all and match exactly with the 3rd brake light...I replaced signature LED lights....did you replace halogen?
  8. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

  9. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    Can you try hitting your keyfob lock and unlock button and see if the animation runs? As stated mine wouldn't work at startup but last night walking away I locked the car and the animation ran. Just curious.
  10. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

  11. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    This is Brake applied with signal going and and reverse at the same time. I feel like it is as bright if not brighter than OEM.
  12. New Style Smoked Tail Lights around to mocking up the left side. Looks great and as stated the build quality is really good. The light functions perfectly for Running Light, Brake, Signal and Reverse. There is a dip switch located inside the lamp depending if you are replacing Halogen or signature LED so it...
  13. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    Took about a month....hopefully I can test it soon to make sure it works so you have time to cancel if for some reason there are any issues which i dont anticipate. Just been crazy busy .
  14. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    Sorry all been super busy and trying to get to installing. Will update soon!
  15. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    I have used this before as well for the front great in my experience it just never looks OEM...I was hoping this set would look as close to OEM as possible.
  16. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    I just emailed the manufacturer asking this question and they said these lights work for both LED and Halogen versions.
  17. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    I asked the supplier and they said it works direct swap with signature tail lights. Will see tomorrow
  18. New Style Smoked Tail Lights

    Ordered these tail lights about a month ago...just received them today. I was worried about the build quality but these look as OEM as I could have ever imagined. Will install tomorrow and hope it all works far as build quality I can for sure say disregard any "cheap Chinese product...
  19. Alpharex Headlight Pre-Order

    Any pics of alpha black with lights off on a Bronco?