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  1. window getting caught when opening door

    I think there are things they can do but of course most are going to be reluctant. You and I just got lucky I guess, but if other dealers can call these ones that do appear to have a fix, then maybe more will get on the same page. I already DM'd @Swynn106 with my service advisor's name and if...
  2. window getting caught when opening door

    This was Don Davis Ford in Arlington. The service ticket is a lot to type so I’m just gonna post a picture here. DM me if you want to know the service advisor’s name. I just don’t feel like putting his name on a public forum here
  3. window getting caught when opening door

    The passenger front is perfect. whatever they did fixed it, but I also saw no results with the reset method listed in this post. Good news it is fixable I guess, just a pain in the butt that they ever left the factory like this
  4. window getting caught when opening door

    My passenger front door was pretty bad. Dealership did something to fix it. Now I just wish I'd had them do all windows 🙄
  5. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 3

    Hoping the next update has some timing too please! (and of course pricing)
  6. Post Your Topless Broncos

    Very minimal road noise from the Baja's, and for the occasional off-roading I do, they get the job done! For the lift, 4WP offers 2 types. This one is just spacers and the total with install was right around $1k. They also do a coil over suspension system for a bit more $ but still only about...
  7. Am I the only one annoyed by interior storage?

    I'm adding the rear security drawer for this exact reason!
  8. Oxford White Wildtrak with Stealth PPF Wrap + Ceramic Coat

    Nice! Love the subtle differences
  9. Bronco phrases you've come to hate?

    The service manager at my dealership telling me the window rattle is to be expected because it's a frameless door. More accessories will become available (and cheaper) when more Bronco's get on the road. Anyone driving a Bronco Sport and calling it a Bronco.