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  1. CERAMIC COATING - Professional or Self Application

    Just completed my diy ceramic coating today. I used chemical guys carbon force and it was really easy. I clayed and polished areas that needed it. Super easy and cheap. They say it lasts 5 years, but if I get 2-3 out of it, I’m good.
  2. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Joined the club today!
  3. Rear window folded in from high winds in southeast Michigan

    That band of storm rolling through Michigan on Monday was intense. It sounded like a freight train outside! Glad that was the only damage and no one was hurt.
  4. 8/15/22 Build Week Group

    I’m in this group. Mine was built week of 8/15 and delivered to dealership yesterday. Trying to pick up on Tuesday.
  5. Switching from hardtop to soft top oem

    I had a problem with my wrangler similar to this. I just had someone help stretch it so I could latch it down and let the sun bake it for a week. No it latches just fine. I think it just needs time to stretch.
  6. Two Bronco Raptors auctioned at Cars and Cigars - both for $145K!

    A guy at my table spent 80k on a Rolex. The Rolex was 14k.
  7. Two Bronco Raptors auctioned at Cars and Cigars - both for $145K!

    I was at Cars and Cigars charity auction in Michigan last Thursday, and one of the auction items was a Bronco Raptor. The bidding was out of control and hit $145k. Once the hammer dropped they said they could do a second one, which sold for 145k!! Madness! Proceeds went to several charities...
  8. Friendly Rivalries Jeeps vs Bronco

    I have a gladiator (soon to be gone) and a wrangler 392 and a bronco. They are great in their own ways. I’m glad they all exist in this segment and I look forward to the war between ford and jeep because we win in the end.
  9. Bronco at 50% off MSRP

    Bummer out of stock
  10. Non Golden Ticket Holder ADM Willing to Pay

    I turned down a Braptor allocation today due to the 15k markup. After all the tax and startups, I was looking at a 97k rig, which is C8 territory.
  11. Code Orange Bronco Raptor Spotted With Vinyl Graphic Option

    Code Orange in artificial lighting. Bonus shot of the blue interior.
  12. New Toy to Haul and Successful 7-pin Trailer Connector Solution

    Had not heard of this company and spent some time on their site after you posted this. They make some pretty slick trailers. Post some pictures of this thing when it’s all unfolded.
  13. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    EG is such a stunning color.
  14. Video: 2 Bronco Raptors (Cactus Gray) on the highway

    I-696 and Woodward. Saw one near telegraph yesterday in red….it didn’t look great in that red.
  15. Baby Photos

    It would be nice if ford got birth announcements out to everyone.
  16. Anyone get 220000 Fordpass points email? [RESOLVED]

    Keep fighting for your points people! I’m doing the same for my missing 200k.
  17. LIGHTNING BLUE Bronco Club

    Nice! I’m from MI too and had my LB delivered from Granger last week.
  18. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Two in the nest. One (CG from the dealer that converted my reso without permission) and one LB delivered from Granger yesterday.
  19. First Edition Bronco Thread

    What happened?