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  1. The one thing my old Jeep has over my Bronco

    Love the Bronco, everything about it! Wouldn’t change a thing (except the satellite radio antenna placement, not the best place for it) My old Jeep however has a folding windshield… nuff said! LMAO!
  2. This 7 speed has spoiled me!

    This has to be the easiest clutch I’ve ever driven and the “auto gas” as I call it (because I don’t know what the proper term is) is amazing! I’ve had the bronco 3 weeks and have driven it exclusively. I pulled my ‘97 TJ out of the garage this afternoon and didn’t stall but damn that clutch...
  3. Are 1/43 scale models availible?

    First off I hope this is an ok place to ask this. I have found many models of the Bronco but I am searching for a 1/48 scale for the model railroad layout in my basement. I have all my jeeps in this scale but have yet to find a new bronco in 1/43-1/50 scale, all I have is an old tootsie toy...
  4. New from northern ohio

    Hi, my names Matt. I’ve been a Jeep driver all my adult life as I’ve owned 3 (a 97 TJ, 01 XJ (Cherokee, the good ones) and an 04 LJ) not fond of anything new from Jeep since 07. Just ordered a Black Diamond 7-speed and honestly I’m very excited over it, can’t wait to get it. anyway that’s me...