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  1. Proximity sensor handles installed on standard electronics package?

    I have a standard electronics package BD on order that does not have the proximity sensor door handles. Would it be possible to install a sensor door handle on this model? Does the standard electronics package even have the cable harness in the door to connect the sensor handles?
  2. Woolwax undercoat?

    Anyone here used woolwax undercoat? I've heard it's one of the best undercoats to use for rust prevention. Any reason not to use woolwax?
  3. Full time 4wd transfer case aftermarket retrofit install?

    My BD 2 door has a vin number issued and is scheduled for mid December production. The problem is I accidentally chose the part time 4wd instead of the full time 4a. It's there any way to economically add this 4a transfer case later after my truck is delivered?