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  1. Will be lurking for now

    Due to some things that have come up, had to make some decisions, one was really tough to make, I traded my Bronco last evening. I really enjoyed the time I had it and will get another one at a later date. Y'all enjoy yours that have them and for those waiting on theirs, enjoy them when you...
  2. Who remembers this?

    This is over by my office, been sitting for years.
  3. Transmission issue

    I am currently working with Ford on my issue, but has anyone else experienced any transmission issues with their 2.3? I posted a little while back on this. I have a 22 OBX with a little over 4400 miles I picked up in February and the day after I got it, it has "fallen out of gear" is what I...
  4. Saw this today

    Caught this on the freeway here in DFW a little while ago, pretty slick. Had my kiddo take the pictures.