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  1. Tick-Tock Ford

    Pitter-patter Ford. Alternative fun vehicles are coming up. Get your act together on your production. New Toyota Forerunner next year. Here are a couple of other intriguing options too.
  2. ADV Fiberglass Hardtop Quality Indicators/Proxies

    Price aside, I believe many people are interested in the ADV hardtop options. What’s likely holding people back: 1. Prepayment, 2. No working example/photos, 3. Limited experience with the brand in general, 4. No stated warranty (unless I missed it). That leaves many of us speculating and...
  3. First-Hand Experience De-scoping Build to Speed Up Delivery

    I know many people have discussed removing the hard top and hitch from their orders. I’m curious what the results have been. People who have ACTUALLY made this change, were your Broncos subsequently scheduled? I don’t need a 7-PIN and summer is coming. Plus, starting to see more potential...
  4. New Webasto MIC Plant ETA (New Hudson MI)

    Does anyone live in this area or have any news when this facility will open? I’ve heard March but there doesnt seem to be any news. It seems like this may be a critical development to remove one of the biggest, most chronic constraints. They are holding a job fair this upcoming week for the...
  5. Race (at a turtle’s pace) to the Finish (delivery)

    I now have 2 fun trucks for which I am awaiting delivery. Bronco Badlands Sasquatch and Ineos Grenadier Specced (or will be in the case of the Grenadier) pretty closely to the attached photos. Bronco - Just dropped the factory hitch (7-pin) and will add a 4-pin at delivery…. Keeping the MIC...
  6. At Least One Auto Company Listened to Customers (Rivian)

    Looks like they heard loud and clear that changing the rules mid-game is a BS idea and poor business practice. Hard lesson to learn but I give them credit for not arrogantly digging in theIr heals and f’ing their early adopters.
  7. Any Updates/Rumors Regarding the Ford Performance Packs?

    I haven’t heard boo about the timing for these tune packages. Anyone have insights or info? I’m also curious about the upgraded steering rack and tie rods. Haven’t seen much about them either
  8. January Production Guesses

    Any guesses on how many Broncos were produced (not shipped) in January? I’ll guess 10,143.
  9. Found Bronco Raptor w/ interior red trim accents and Ranger Raptors

    Fun to catch them in the wild. All 3 were 6-cylinders. Captured these between Yarnell and Congress , AZ. Winding mountain road. Side vents don’t show well in the photos but they were there. Admin edit: added some more Bronco Raptor photos: