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  1. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    " . . . and somewhere there's a Heaven where we're all reunited with our childhood pets . . . "
  2. Ford Bronco production appears to be on schedule..

    Yup, that's every car manufacturer's wet dream to have ready inventory sitting on dealer lots selling at less than MSRP.
  3. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    Presumably the same Napleton dealeship network that just settled with the FTC and State of Illinois for $10M for junk fees and discriminatory lending? Wouldn't hold my breath. :rolleyes:
  4. Last Call for 2023 Bronco Order Conversions at Granger Ford!!

    I hope they are ALL Heritage - should help me get my Badlands sooner. 😜
  5. Rear Bumper with Bumper Mounted Spare

    Rockhard 4x4 has their Patriot series available for Bronco now.
  6. Securing a Christmas tree to the hard top

    Hmmm, never thought of this but now I'm remembering my old man strapping a tree to the roof of our station wagon "back in the day" pretty much every Christmas. Of course everything was made of steel back then . . . 🎅
  7. Ford Bronco production appears to be on schedule..

    I think it's a take on a classic Yogi Berra line . . . "Nobody buys Broncos anymore, they're too popular." :LOL:
  8. Lux vs High, or Sasquatch Addition

    I went Badlands and High. So Sasquatch-Lite - most of the good stuff from Sasquatch without the crappy wheels and tires (IMO, some ppl love 'em). Never had a heated steering wheel so wouldn't know to miss it, never had ACC so same, don't have a phone that does wireless charging (and don't...
  9. Do I still have price protection?

    Search is the enemy of knowledge!
  10. Dealer converted my order without consent

    Well based upon the track record maybe we need to wait about 2 more years?
  11. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    Oh, I come from Alabama with a laptop on my knee . . . 😁
  12. Toplift Pro available for 2-door Bronco

    Wow, that pre-order price gets it in the realm of reasonableness. Sadly that post-sale regular price puts it out, at least for me. *IF* I felt I had at *least* a 50% chance of Ford actually building my ride I'd be stocking up on all the BF sales like a kid in a candy store but - probably the...
  13. Why No 2023 Bronco Website Update Yet?!

    The 2023 has been out there for a while - that's how all of us that had to resubmit unbuilt existing reservation/orders created our required "new" orders for MY23 to give to our dealers. Either your browser's cache needed to be flushed or something else was going on but '23 has been up on B&P...
  14. Report: 2023 Bronco order banks will open February 2023

    At least with real craps we know what the actual odds are!
  15. TPMS replacement -- DIY install or need tire shop?

    Mounting the sensors is easy. Mounting tires however . . .
  16. Aftermarket IAG Step Install

    Cool writeup, thanks. Looks great and I think that's the first pic I've seen with a Badlands emblem and the orange plate well framed in good light. The most important question - what's the 12 year old's verdict now?
  17. IAG V2 Steps

    Yes, the value of the IAG steps (vs the full length) is they are an affordable step to address vehicle ingress/egress issues with an added bonus of being easily attached/removed as desired. The value of IAG's full length step option is it provides substantial protection to the rockers and doors...
  18. IAG V2 Steps

    I'm not aware of any Zroadz steps that bolt to the existing sliders, certainly not in the manner that the IAG do. AFAIK Zroadz steps *replace* the sliders (just as others do). The IAG's are designed to be quick-on/quick-off while leaving the existing sliders intact whereas the Zroadz are a...
  19. Show us your Bronco snow pics!! ☃️❄️🥶

    That's serious. Saw Weather Channel outside Highmark Stadium and YIKES! Stay safe!