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  1. Local dealer in SoCal selling for Msrp today

    You planed to flip a Bronco…
  2. Where are the Rock Chips in your paint ? ? ? ?

    Unless you are rock crawling you aren’t gonna rip a mud flap. Not a chance.
  3. Where are the Rock Chips in your paint ? ? ? ?

    The only way to truly get rid of the problem is run highway tires. Each tire just picks the rock that suit it. Heck even my Silverado and Lexus grab rocks here and there. I pick um when I wash the cars. We just do too much mixed driving to eliminate the problem. If you drive an aggressive tread...
  4. Best State To Live and Off-Road?

    I came here to say anywhere but Maryland. Since I’m on the Eastern Shore of MD, I identify as Delaware too. Flat east coast is tough. However, I’m also a boater and you sure as heck can’t beat Maryland for this, except Maybe Newport RI.
  5. Broncos and Tacos?

    As a fellow Marylander. Hit me up if you venture out on the eastern shore for your Broncos and RAR Chessie Burgers in Cambridge, or Broncos and Rude Bar B Que in Easton. just trying to help a fellow Bronc out
  6. Where are the Rock Chips in your paint ? ? ? ?

    Um, So will mud flaps and running boards.
  7. 🎁 What did you buy for your Bronco with Black Friday sales?

    My stock badlands KO2’s. I’ve been pretty happy with them in the first 800 miles.
  8. 🎁 What did you buy for your Bronco with Black Friday sales?

    Bought RTR Evo 6’s in satin black the second I got the early unlock code! I had already bought the RC step sliders on a previous discount code from Polyperformance. Cyber Monday will likely yield some four door and soft top bags. If Im lucky a set of all weather mats for the wash out floor may...
  9. Low battery warning/battery replaced and still getting warning

    Set your center dash right panel to “Gauges” it will display battery voltage. Keep an eye on when it’s parked and driving voltages. It will help knowing some data.
  10. RTR EVO 6 Wheels

    Glad I signed up for text alerts! Snapped up a set of 5 and lug nuts during the Black Friday early sale. Thanks RTR! This is the first big sale I’ve been waiting for
  11. Do we need a Bronco with more seats?

    This is the correct answer. If the Gladiator was a 4xE, I actually would have considered walking on my Bronco order. My wife and daughter have a CUV and SUV. I have grown very attached to the pick up truck. I kept the Silverado when I picked up my Bronco. A Bronco pick up with sky active top and...
  12. Heated Steering Wheel deletes

    While not at hot as my 650Ci, the heated wheel is pretty darned good. The heated seats blow away almost every other car I’ve had, especially all Toyota and Lexus products
  13. 📬 Scheduling 11/17 for production weeks through 1/16 [Emails now rolling in!]

    Ice mountain, dirt mountain, and whatever holding pattern for 2023 tell a different story.
  14. Price Protection - Check in the Mail

    Hound your dealer early and often. They are hoping you didn’t realize you were entitled to it or forget about it. Since all the paperwork is signed you’ve got exactly what you signed right now. It takes a stand up dealer to give up the cash if it’s not recorded anywhere in the transaction.
  15. 2023 Wildtrak and Fully Loaded Jeep Wrangler 4xe Rubicon very close on Price --------------

    Given the OP's join date is back in 2020, I assume waiting for a Bronco for quite some time. I did this exact same exercise many times over. If you are looking at a 4xE Wrangler, with the sky one touch, you are a smart person since it checks several boxes the Bronco can not. Here's the thing...
  16. Bronco Body Brace (for 4-Door) by Krazy House Customs

    I’m not so sure this is a Bronco Tax case here. It is likely low volume and has an OEM counterpart in the Braptor. I searched Ford OEM to see what the Raptor version costs and could not find the microfiche that shows the part numbers. Any of the dealer folks care to chime in with part numbers to...
  17. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    This thread is amazing. Wow, times sure have changed since doing single din, adding a big amp and a pair of 18's in a ported box enclosure in the '90s. Does anyone know the B&O Subwoofer specs in Max power and Ohms or what the B&O Amp was even capable of driving. Seems like it was a pretty...
  18. Screwed by my Reservation

    Once a Reservation was converted to a dealer order, it's used and basically unmovable at this point. Dealers are playing shady games with PP as well, so the whole thing is a crap shoot Crap. Stuck with a Shady dealer and going into a deep recession with fed monetary policies hanging in...
  19. 9/12/22 Build Week Group **Now has Google Spreadsheet**

    That picture is concerning. I'm a 9/12 build week and finally got my Bronco Oct 18. I was surprised to see this thread still this active. About a month ago, the vehicles in similar status were down in the 600-ish. Seeing it that high is notable. Somewhere we speculated that the B6G forums were...
  20. Air Filter Condition @ 5K Miles After Some Off-Roading... Check It

    We think alike, I posted the same vid. I saw that video a while back and it really sunk in how much marketing goes behind things like filters. I run serviceable filters on a few things but they all run on roads or clean environments like a boat.