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  1. CACTUS GRAY Bronco Club

    Some pics from a Bronco meet this past weekend
  2. Garage Makeover For Your Bronco? Show Yours 📸

    i cleaned out the garage so that i'd have some room to put the doors when i have them off...does that count? :) Now that it's getting colder the goal is to keep it clean thru the winter so the space is still there in the spring
  3. Costco Bronco Die Cast Cars

    have added to holiday list...let's see if we can locate one in NJ or VA :)
  4. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    @EIGHTLUG - was so excited to see the website updated Saturday that i ordered mine without seeing the discount for forum members...emailed your Pit Crew and was told they would give me 15% post-sale. Looking forward to the product (ordered the classic ford red)
  5. Spare tire cover or no?

    I went with a custom cover designed by my son
  6. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    I got one yesterday as wll I got one yesterday as well - 3 months after i took delivery. I was not a reservation holder either - put in an order in February
  7. Official Big Bend Club

    just got my assembly line pic, 3 months after taking delivery:
  8. CACTUS GRAY Bronco Club

    Just got my assembly line pic, 3 months since i took delivery. Also included first pic with doors off:
  9. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    Just got my assembly line pic, 3 months after taking delivery. Including first pic with no doors too
  10. Automatic windows issues

    i have had the window stop half-way...hit button a 2nd time and it rolls-up. I have marked that as user error...maybe not hitting the button correctly (but maybe i am wrong). i have also had a couple of instances where window went all the way up, then went back down - after this, the auto-up was...
  11. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    I went with SEHORSE
  12. Broncos everywhere!

    In North Jersey I see a few here and there and it was cool that i very rarely saw Cactus Grey...last week went to our usual vacation spot in central/south jersey and there were Broncos all over the island
  13. Door Holders Using PVC Pipe -- When Off vehicle

    Like this idea - going to have my son build as he loves this type of stuff. Do you have finished pictures? Did you just put wheels on the four corners or also in the middle?
  14. ABS light, Service AdvanceTrac, Park Aid Fault, etc

    I had this happen twice - day 1 while turning into a parking lot and then a few weeks ago (~1700 miles driven, 2 months in) while driving on highway. Warnings cleared on both occasions after having car parked for about 10-15 minutes. Decided to take to dealer anyway. Shared with them the...
  15. Bronco Raptor coming to Rocket League

    Already told my boys!
  16. How long do you plan to own your new Bronco?

    Assuming it doesn't turn into a maintenance nightmare, i will keep my bronco for a long time and possibly let one of my sons eventually take it
  17. Error messages mayhem.

    Happened to me again this time when changing lanes on highway...again, they all reset after arriving at our destination, having the car off for about 10 mins, then restarting. Don't want to go for strike 3 so having it checked by dealer tomorrow. Will provide update on what they do ***EDIT...
  18. Front license plate situation

    My dealer didn't even need to be told...when i mentioned it my sales guy said they had no intentions since most customers want to do something of their own. Here is my solution from builtright. Mounts to one of the existing bolts - you choose left or right
  19. SiriusXM pricing? Worth it?

    Trial is good for 90 days. They called last week (30-days in) and extended another 90 days for $4.99. After that the renewal will be too high. You can call and try to get a better price - 9/10 they will give you something to retain. If not, cancel and get the app service only and play thru your...
  20. March 2022 orders