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  1. 50,000 mile Review - Why the Bronco Sucks

    The stock rims and tires on my ‘89 were pretty small, looked funny.
  2. Engine knock perhaps - 2.3L ?

    Mine was pretty bad, did it more when cold. I also had transmission problems, it was falling out of gear. Not sure if related, but when Ford reprogrammed mine, the noise was hardly noticeable after that. My 2.3 Explorer doesn’t do it from what I can hear.
  3. Heated Steering Wheel deletes

    needed items deleted, Start/Stop delete and rear climate control delete. The rear climate control can be dealer installed at no charge onc My Explorer Start/Stop was a factory delete, $50 credit. Nice to look down and see a blank where the button should be.
  4. Windshield washer not spraying

    Mine would do this with a full bottle, it is pretty annoying.
  5. Who should I blame for these POS tires on my new Bronco? Goodyear Ford or both?

    Since most Broncos won’t see dirt, replace them with a nice highway tire. Problem solved.
  6. Are the driver and passenger mirrors supposed to be different?

    Keep these type of complaints coming, they are entertaining to read.
  7. What am I missing here?

    I had my local dealer work on my old Thunderbird one time, drove it home and it sounded great when you stomped on the gas, popped the hood, the air cleaner assembly was missing, no wonder it sounded great, open carb. Dealer should take care of this at no charge I'd hope.
  8. What’s up with the non adjustable back seat?

    My ‘89 Bronco rear seat didn‘t do anything but fold flat. I guess on my new Bronco, I no longer own, I didn’t really see a need for reclining seats, as long as I was comfortable, that’s all that mattered. Those that rode in the back never really complained though.
  9. What’s up with the non adjustable back seat?

    My Explorer seats adjust, front, back, recline, so did my Flex.
  10. Ford Friggin' Quality

    Mine was fine all summer here in the DFW, 4th or 5th hottest summer on record, can’t remember.
  11. MIC Hardtop 2.0 Wind Noise - Leaks Locations Found

    I know, I was being sarcastic. I may buy another one down the road when the fix the issues.
  12. MIC Hardtop 2.0 Wind Noise - Leaks Locations Found

    I owned my Bronco 4 door with the hard top for almost a year and my top never leaked, even going through the car wash with high speed dryers. And the windshield didn’t fly out or leak. 😁
  13. Why so many Outerbanks available for sale at dealerships?

    I just looked and saw a lot of “not is stock, in transit“ OBX at one dealership. Eck Ford, is that one of them?
  14. Just hit 5k

    I did 12,500 miles in my Bronco in 7 months of ownership, then traded it in.
  15. First production aftermarket hard top (RallyTops) delivered and installed - review

    IMO, the ADV top looks very Jeep to me, this top does not.
  16. Blind Spots Mirror

    My OBX didn't have the 360 copilot, but it had BLIS. Base models that don't have BLIS I guess get the different side mirror with blind spot. MY OBX didn't have the 360 copilot assist camera setup like my new Explorer does, other than the rear backup camera, I actually find the extra cameras...
  17. Blind Spots Mirror

    Curious, does your Bronco have BLIS?
  18. Blind Spots Mirror

    The blind spot system works pretty good. I was also taught to turn and look before changing lanes.
  19. Help with daytime running lights

    Park in front of a window at a retail strip and put it in gear. Look at the back of the vehicle in front of you for your light reflection when stopped at a traffic light.
  20. Help with daytime running lights

    My OBX, set the headlight switch to automatic, DRLs will only light up when in gear. Green indicator lights on the dash are for headlight and fog lights on.