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  1. 35" Nokian Snow Tires Mounted on Wildtrak Bronco

    Just got my Nokian Tyres, Hakkapeliita LT315/70R17 tires. Can't wait to use them.
  2. Winter Tire Knowledge

    Hi all, is there much difference between these 2 winter tires? I ask due to pricing and shipping/delivery time. 1. Yokohama Ice Guard GO75 2. Nokia Tyres Hakkapeliitta LT3 Also, I get snow/Ice for 4 months or so....however the roads are well kept. Studded tires aren't necessary... right? Thanks
  3. Hi, need input please

    I have a 2021 Wildtrak so, that has the Sasquatch package and it comes with the Good Year 35 inch LT 315/70R17 tires. I have done research but I'm not a tire guy. I live where there is snow for at least 4 months and it can get heavy and slick. Are the tires I have good enough for a heavy winter...
  4. Selling, Info needed please

    Morning all, We are a 1 car family and my wife is having trouble driving our Bronco. As much as I don't want to, I have to sell it. It's a 2021 loaded Wildtrak with 21,000 Kim's. Mint shape never driven off road, all packages, area 51, 4 door, hard top. Are there American sites that buy...
  5. Question...ive had my Wildtrak for only 2 months. I am finding it doesnt handle well in heavier rain.

    This concerns me about snow as I live where there is a lot of snow. Has anybody driven theirs in heavy and prolonged snow? How does it handle. I assume you put it on slippery mode in the snow. Thanks
  6. Curious, in the USA, what would a 2021 Wildtrak, every package, hard top, 16,000 klm's (8,000 roughly miles) sell for $ wise

    Curious, in the USA, what would a 2021 Wildtrak with every package, a hard top and 16,000 Kim's (roughly 8,000 miles) sell for in American dollars?
  7. Howdy all. LONG time Ford owner...just bought a loaded bronco Wildtrak, pick it up tomorrow and cant wait

    Howdy all, long time Ford owner. Just bought a loaded Bronco Wildtrak, pick it up tomorrow. Can't wait