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  1. Axle, Steering & Perch Collar Upgrades - observations and install notes

    Thanks for tagging me in this. I'm a month out from this issue, and I'm about to leave a google review about the installer. Can you confirm whether the nut does have a lock on it? I'm still thinking the damage was done at the time of removal (not the build in Michigan) and even though they...
  2. RJOBX

    BC Broncos

    Piggy backing off of this. I have my 5 32" Duelers for sale from my OBX as well as the OEM wheels (minus the TPMS) if anyone wants to buy them. I'm happy to let the wheels go for 300 total, and the tires for 600. 800 in total for all of them together. (less than 500km on the Duelers)
  3. RJOBX

    BC Broncos

    Update (a few weeks late) I took it to Lowriders. an hour into the lift install I got a call and they told me the CV bolt on one side was stripped halfway up the threading and a replacement CV was going to cost $500. I said "well I brought in a brand new Bronco to you, and so either it's...
  4. Thoughts on these vinyl stickers as a unique visual addition to the Bronco?

    hadn't considered an inside application. I think I'll give that a go first. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thoughts on these vinyl stickers as a unique visual addition to the Bronco?

    I'm in no way affiliated with these people, but I really love the artistic style of these vinyl stickers, and I think they might look great on the rear quarter panel just under the window. I measured it out and they'd fit really well. Thoughts? Some of their sample photos show them on rear...
  6. CACTUS GRAY Bronco Club

    Took her off pavement the first chance I had after the tire/wheel upgrade.
  7. Garage removed the nuts off the CV shaft and one of them stripped some threads

    So in your opinion this was caused by the shop doing the lift, and they just went too fast on removing the nut, or could that have been caused in Michigan during assembly?
  8. Garage removed the nuts off the CV shaft and one of them stripped some threads

    The lift install was meant to be an in and out process, but they called me an hour in and said when they were removing the nuts off the CV shaft one of them stripped some threads. (photo included) the replacement part is $500 CAD so my Bronco is sitting and waiting til Monday for the part to...
  9. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Sending you whatever remaining luck I didn't use up.
  10. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Thanks! Lift and new tires & wheels go on July 22nd. :)
  11. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Not Friday but yesterday I did. Brought her home.
  12. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    So this is interesting. I got an email today saying that my FordPass app is now connected. So someone obviously accepted the connection inside my Bronco. I checked the app and the Bronco is currently at 69 KM on the odometer (nice), but it's sitting in a residential area, not at the...
  13. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Called my dealership today because I saw my Bronco listed for sale on their website. "Oh yeah, actually it just arrived today at our sister location. We're doing the inspection on it tomorrow and then they'll drive it over to us. You should have it by the weekend!" sweet!
  14. Pennsylvania WTB Cactus Grey painted fenders Outerbanks

    I have cactus grey fender flares arriving on my new OBX in the next week. I'm open to trading for a set of Sas flares. If the flares are in like-new condition.
  15. Washington WTB/WTT CO fender flares

    did you find a taker yet? if you're willing to get them painted, I have the Cactus Grey flares. I was looking for Sas flares. I'm in Vancouver BC.
  16. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Hey Gang - my OBX has been in "shipped" mode for almost a month now. The initial window was June 28 to July 4, but it has updated twice and now is July 4 to July 11. Granted I'm on the west coast of BC, but I was hoping to have it by now, obviously. I'll update once it arrives. (Hopefully...
  17. 3500 miles in 7 days. 'My Impressions" and Comparisons (from a 20+ Jeeps veteran)

    late to the party on this, but since I'm also in Vancouver and planning a road trip to San Diego in September it was encouraging to read this!
  18. RJOBX

    BC Broncos

    @Jordash thanks. did you supply a lift kit or they installed their own hardware?