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  1. What does Roast Color = Katskins

    Here’s the mahogany in mine showing the stock roast vinyl armrests. The mahogany is slightly more orange but hard to tell with windows closed. They can provide more material if you wanted to reupholster the armrests but it is close enough for me.
  2. Katzkin Black Leather Diamond Double Stitch Installed ♦

    Call John Farrell at Katzkin. He worked with me on the design and a few tweaks and was very knowledgeable about the Bronco. (213) 567-4059 Or, not sure if you saw this. Sounds like a good deal but I doubt includes installation. I thought that stitching design was cool but John said he...
  3. Katzkin Black Leather Diamond Double Stitch Installed ♦

    I went straight through Katzkin and they connected me to the local installer. $3940 out the door incl tax. Not sure if you went to the local installer whether they’d deal. $1200 of that was installation. Install seemed kind of high at first but the shop had two people working on it most of...
  4. Heated Steering Wheel deletes

    Heck, I’d pay them to delete the auto stop/start.
  5. Katzkin Black Leather Diamond Double Stitch Installed ♦

    Here’s my Katzkin. Mahogany brown, single stitch with salsa stitching on the black areas. Perforated with heat/cool option. The single stitch is comfortable. The only things I don’t love are the seams in the middle of the seat bottom and back. You can feel them. Maybe they’ll soften up over...
  6. Texas WTS Bridgestone Dueler A/T 255/70-18

    Make me an offer, please.
  7. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    The 500 is 0.75” longer and 1 3/8” wider than the 200. I’ll figure it out next weekend one way or another.
  8. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    You guys ever used these? For door/kick applications I’ve used them with good results.
  9. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    I’m going to be installing the plugnplay kit 19 with the kicker 200.4 and 500.1 amps. I bought the mountains2metal bracket for the 200.4. I’ve not started to tear everything apart yet. Is there also room behind the dash to mount the 500.1 so I’m only running speaker wires back to my sub going...
  10. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Picked my HPR up a few weeks ago. OBX, high, tow, 2.7, rear locker. Swapped Sasquatch wheels with powder coated trim rings and Falken Wildpeak tires. xpel XR+ 70% tint on windshield, rear and rear side windows and 35% on front sides. The heat rejection is so much better than Huper tinI’ve used...
  11. Texas WTS Bridgestone Dueler A/T 255/70-18

    I forgot to mention these are the #1 rated all terrain tires for mall crawling. Super quiet and make light work of parking blocks. 😁. Somebody please get these out of my garage.
  12. My new Hot Pepper Red 2.7 Bronco Sasquatch

    It’s not UT’s orange. It’s sort of like if Texas A&M had a baby with UT. Which would be an unnatural act but delivers a nice looking baby. Under low light conditions it’s more red and in direct sun or street light it shows it’s orange. Here’s my HPR OBX in different light conditions.
  13. Texas WTS Bridgestone Dueler A/T 255/70-18

    Taken off my OBX at 500 miles on four tires and none on the spare. Only saw pavement. Like new. Located in Keller, TX. $400 for all 5
  14. Pretty Awesome - Topliftpros Hardtop Removal

    I think the two door rear crossbar sits back farther than on the four door.
  15. Pretty Awesome - Topliftpros Hardtop Removal

    Doesn’t appear to work with a two door Bronco 😢
  16. Dealer warning from Ford and GM.

    That hot air Ford is spewing isn’t just any old air, it’s $200 nitrogen. 😁
  17. Custom 2-Door Wildtrak “Heritage Edition” Bronco Build

    Looks great with the correct white - Wimbledon, not Oxford.
  18. Azure Gray Metallic 2023 Bronco (w/ new rock rails design) -- first look sighting

    I’m here for the pictures. Unfortunately all I see are Broncos. No Dakotas. And, no, not the Dodge Dakota.
  19. Check out who has a retro themed Bronco… Aaron Donald #97

    What is strange is I didn’t put the “Aaron Donald #97” in the thread subject line when I created it. Wonder if an admin added that?