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  1. Ford Recalls making anyone nervous?

    First ford for me. Hope it’s as good as our Honda and Lexus :ROFLMAO: it sure looks better!
  2. OXFORD WHITE Bronco Club

    Love it. I wish they did something more in line with the Mach 1 stripes with a word in it.
  3. Painting the Front Grille an Accent Color on Carbonized Gray Bronco

    Wow these look the idea. Not sure if you can easily match EG I’ll see when I get it
  4. Rattle can spray paint Carbonized Gray color match???

    Thanks for the info!..I was under the impression they all came unpainted and you are correct I’m looking for that Style but in the gray color. I ordered a Outerbanks but I don’t like the style or shiny black.
  5. Rattle can spray paint Carbonized Gray color match???

    Good question. Im thinking of changing out my grill to the wild track version which comes unpainted and was thinking of rattle can. Not sure what they gray is on the grills. My experience on external pieces painted with rattle can has always been that it doesn’t have as much durability though...
  6. Would You Buy a Car at $19,000 over MSRP? Majority Say They Would

    Like Barnum said…..a dealer here sold a wild track 20k over. MSRP makes my skin crawl, can’t imagine paying over for a depreciating asset like a vehicle. I like them but not that much.
  7. Big Bend Katzkin Leather

    That looks great! Plenty of tan in other places
  8. Big Bend Katzkin Leather

    Correct. I ordered EG so I didn’t think the navy went with that either. I wasn’t that thrilled with roast either so I may downplay that in the seats with black and just roast stitching.
  9. Big Bend Katzkin Leather

    I’m leaning towards all black with hexagon roast stitching when I get mine delivered to take a look at the interior. Supposed to be delivered right around Christmas but now with the looming rail strike! Ahhh…What’s another year of waiting? Nice job everyone!
  10. Removing Bestop 4 door Trektop for seasonal storage - complete DIY how-to instructions w/ photos

    Great thank you! Hopefully they can match the Mic top color too. That could be a deal breaker
  11. Whose Broncos just got scheduled and when did you order?

    I had a reservation from 7/20. Went in mid October 22 to create order 2 weeks later got a build date of 12/5. On the phone ford told me 12/27 delivery
  12. Katzkin Black Leather Diamond Double Stitch Installed ♦

    Once I get me truck with the roast cloth I’m going to figure out which way I’m going for leather. I like how you did black with stitching to match the tan. I might see how black seats and roast stitching looks. I wish Ford didn’t have black and blue mixed for interior. Just couldn’t see the navy...
  13. Katzkin Black Leather Diamond Double Stitch Installed ♦

    What is the rest of your interior? Roast or navy? These look really nice
  14. Katzkin Black Leather Diamond Double Stitch Installed ♦

    Looks nice! What’s the rest on the interior? I got the cloth roast that I’ll be switching out so I guess I’m thinking of a brown but not sure if the black would look nice with brown dash and doors
  15. Are the driver and passenger mirrors supposed to be different?

    Wow the mirror difference is stupid. Saving on material? Even if you can’t see it why?
  16. Mis-Painted Interior Door Panel

    The other pic I saw here somewhere here was a door jam that was red metal and 2 different reds. Looked like primer and paint..geez even the paint robots are lazy!
  17. Mis-Painted Interior Door Panel

    I’m far from an expert on auto industry but I wonder if it has to do with the robot not discerning between the primer and final color? One pic I saw here was red with red primer.
  18. Mis-Painted Interior Door Panel

    Well it’s really my daughter’s but my maintenance responsibility. Bought from a friend for her because it was really low miles and only 2500. I pay dearly for that now. That and the VW have a contest going to see which on can have the most warning lights on. Honda has 3 times the miles only 2...
  19. Mis-Painted Interior Door Panel

    Still didn’t buy it! Don’t scare me
  20. Mis-Painted Interior Door Panel

    Good luck. This will be my first American car since my 69 Camaro. currently at my house Lexus=bulletproof Honda=bulletproof VW Cabrio= Old crap Dodge Dakota = old crap Hopefully my new American vehicle won’t be a mistake. Trying to give US autos a chance