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  1. 🔒 Ford Credit Finance Rate Lock Program - For 2023 Models Ordered by 1/3/23

    From everything i've seen, this program is not compatible with Bronco "*Place a new vehicle retail order for a 2023 Ford Mustang®, Bronco® Sport, Edge®, Escape®, Expedition®, Explorer®, Ranger®, or F-150® through a local authorized Ford Dealer on or before 1/3/23 and lock in 3.9% APR financing...
  2. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    Ah yes.. that's what I'm thinking of. Thanks for the clarification
  3. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    I could be totally wrong about this but I'm wondering if that's a fake. I thought that graphics package was squashed at the launch. I've only seen it on the marketing units. I mean maybe he had the graphics added after the fact, but I'm guessing thats a scam post.
  4. Front license plate mount options?

    No. There are adjustment holes on the back. You can position it out of the way.
  5. Anyone Else Having Key Problems With Their 2021 Bronco ?

    If you switch to your 2nd key, does the problem still occur?
  6. PPF shop in New England???

    I did full xpel ppf and ceramic coating on my 2 door at Q Car care in Burlington. It came out great. Give them a call and ask for dana. Tell him chris with the 2 door badlands sent you.
  7. Goose Gear Stealth Rear Seat Delete - my review

    I ordered mine on 10/1. It came in on 1/4 (version 1). My goose gear dealer called me on 1/14 and told me not to install it because there was an updated version coming that would address some of the issues in the original post. Version 2 came in today.
  8. Goose Gear Stealth Rear Seat Delete - my review

    This is great, thanks for posting the videos and the tips on the spacers. I Got my 2.0 kit today and look forward to the install this weekend.
  9. First Oil Change at Dealer…disaster

    Good catch. The owner's manual says to do a 5 tire rotation with TPMS relearn at a dealer, or if you are doing it yourself do a 4 tire rotation so that no TPMS relearn is required.
  10. Goose Gear Stealth Rear Seat Delete - my review

    Goose gear posted an update on the design changes.
  11. Bronco held at dealership for airbag

    Airbag is the same, there are 4 different part numbers on the trim panels depending on model and screen size
  12. Bronco held at dealership for airbag

    It's a dealer bulletin, so i'm not sure if its something I can post (i'm sure someone will). I can tell you that I ordered parts for one of my customers and the parts consisted of an airbag as well as a center cluster instrument trim panel. I can't speak for all regions, but for me parts were...
  13. Bronco held at dealership for airbag

    Just FYI to those waiting, the dealer bulletin containing the part numbers and technical instructions became available today. Check in with your dealer.
  14. Badlands - 2 Door - Velocity Blue (non-Sasquatch) Pics

    there was one at the oshkosh air show.
  15. Problems/questions re: customer satisfaction fund

    If you didnt ask, maybe your dealer would have done something to surprise you with those funds. Since you asked, dont be surprised if you dont get anything. Also just given the nature of the program, many dealers may choose to use the funds at time of delivery as opposed to time of order.
  16. Reaching Out To Dealerships — Any advice, or feedback on the approach I now plan to take?

    Way too long. Pick up the phone, talk to some dealers and go with whoever you have the best conversation with. Also, the part about sending the message to multiple dealers will guarantee you dont get a response.
  17. Front license plate mount options?

    Looks great. Any cooling concerns? I think those are active shutters behind the plate.
  18. Front license plate mount options?

    It works. I've installed it on our dealership mannequin and several customer cars. The plate placement is adjustable
  19. An open letter to Ford - Solution to Dirt Mountain

    The remedy to this situation needs to happen at the plant. Stack shipping tops on a rail car or convoy would be an absolute disaster. Youd be wishing for the snakeskin/honeycomb mic after seeing what 3 weeks on a railcar could do to a stack shipped top, not to mention the risk of damage during...
  20. Place to find good beginner off-road trails?

    Gaia gps app is a good place to start