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  1. How does "Measured Rim Width" affect tire width, if at all?

    On the Tire Rack site and it shows the width of a Toyo 285/75/17 tire is 11.3 on a Measured Rim Width of 8. If the same tire were mounted on a 9 inch wheel, would the 11.3 width change? If so, how - wider/thinner? I am trying to obtain an aftermarket wheel/tire set up that keeps as tucked...
  2. Photoshop Request from TechDope

    Wondering if anyone could photoshop the Heritage wheels in silver/chrome, and the slot mags, on this Green two door? Trying to decide whether to custom some slot mags or wait for the Heritage wheels to be available and get them chromed - I like both wheels, but I think the bigger slots are...
  3. Seat Covers over Molle Paneled Seats?

    Has anyone done this? I ask because my understanding is the Badlands (which I am waiting on) has Molle panels in the back, however I am hoping to install PRP white MGV seats. Has anyone covered their Molle panel backed seats and, if so, how did it work out? I am going to email PRP right now...
  4. Who wants a retro side trim piece like this?

    I think it would look pretty awesome - there is a company with a presence here that will consider doing it if 40 people want it - if interested say so on this thread!
  5. 2 Door Hard Top With Slider Windows

    This was possible in the 1960's-70's - why can't it be done in 2022? Who wants this? Who will produce it? Or even better, just the windows that can replace the OEM ones on the MIC top
  6. Calling NY 2 Dr. Green Owner with White Top, Fenders, Grille

    Saw a 2 door Eruption Green with off white painted top, fender flares and grill today on the highway - I was not a white flare/grill guy prior to seeing it in the flesh, but with Eruption Green it really worked. If you are out there, well done and please post pics for the world! I would have...
  7. New York Base or Black Diamond Grill wanted

    Anyone looking to sell their base/black diamond grill please let me know! thanks
  8. What color is inside of Hard Top?

    probably a dumb question, but what color is it? Could it be painted easily if the sound deadener is not there?
  9. Delfab Customizable Retro Mod "Ford" Grille

    There have been some threads about this topic generally with folks hoping for a "Ford" grille inspired by the original. A shop called Delfab created one for SEMA this year and it was a big hit. I've been corresponding with Kyle from Delfab on the issue and he sent me some photos, which I share...
  10. "vehicle order has been updated" email

    Anyone know what this means? I place my order on March 7, 2022 and got an email today saying "your vehicle order has been updated" -when i checked online the only new thing (maybe, I don't really know if it is new) I saw was an order number - this is a meaningless event right?
  11. 0 Offset wheels with Non-Sas flares?

    anyone with this set up care to post pics here? trying to see how they look in real life instead of the online poke calculator. TY
  12. MIC sound deadener headliner - standard on BL or option?

    trying to finalize order - showing on B and P as standard on BL and also as an option - anyone with a 2 door BL know the answer? Thanks
  13. Width of standard and Sasquatch fender flares?

    I have tried to locate this info with no success - can anyone tell me the flare widths of the standard and Sas flares? looks to be about two inches, but I'd rather know for sure if possible thanks
  14. Aftermarket Soft Top 2 Door - anyone see anything out there?

    I have searched in vain for a company making a 2 door aftermarket soft top - anyone else see anything? I know that most Broncos out there right now are 4 doors but thinking there might be a company or two starting to develop a 2 door option especially since the 2 door soft top is not available...
  15. Potential Poke Calculation

    I am wondering if anyone who understands how to figure out how much a tire/wheel combo will poke would be willing to walk me through this potential set up 285/75/17 tires 11.3 wide 17 x 8.5 wheels 0 offset ADV Fiberglass fenders - 1 inch less coverage than standard flares anyone have any idea...
  16. Which has/will have more aftermarket wheel options to achieve no/minimal poke- the Badlands non-Sas or Sas?

    hope i am asking this question properly because I really don't understand the issue - but I am down to either the Badlands non-Sas (OEM +55 offset wheels) or Badlands SAS (OEM +35) - and I am going to put retro/classic aftermarket wheels on at some point but I want to keep the no/minimal poke...
  17. Current Bronco Owners! Jeep owners May Be Your Friend!

    So I saw a Lightning Blue Bronco driving toward me yesterday and flashed my lights to get his attention and give a thumbs up - got a middle finger in response LOL! He must have thought I was going to give him grief because I was driving a Wrangler (see avatar) - but I am a future Bronco owner...
  18. Lack of Wheels with OEM specs at SEMA

    I was surprised that there did not appear to be any new aftermarket wheels in the original offsets aside from the ones we have seen on here for awhile. instead lots of serious poke. Should I be surprised or is that pretty standard for SEMA? If there will be more OEM spec wheels coming out...
  19. Who wants a retro grille like this besides me?

    Letters closer together than the leaked FORD one, and silver letters with the red inlay. I'll take one in brushed silver, chrome and white. Maybe black too. How bout you? Maybe ADV or Buckwild or someone else in the game is interested if enough people chime in? Could go real well with...
  20. metal side molding

    Anyone think something like this might look cool if it fit flush in the indented side detail? I think that it might look very cool, with the original "Bronco" script that Rick Perry designed!