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  1. 2023 sasquatch tires the same as 2022

    “Mongo like Candy” … remember that Blazin Saddles line !! 😂
  2. Prices are starting to drop!

    This is true only if you re financing, people with cash will come out ahead! But most people in the ‘world we live in now’ can’t stand to wait and save for a purchase; they want it now!! (And obviously all businesses with larger value items work that to their advantage; from TVs, electronics...
  3. Would really appreciate help on deciding what trim i should get whenever the order banks open again.

    That true….. Base Sas is probably best value for the buck but if you pay $4-6K more for Sas don’t know that you d get that much more out of it down the road. No doubt you d get “more” but who knows if that’s 50% of extra spend, 75% or what. Market and economy could have more effect on that...
  4. Toyo M-55 : 235/85 R-16

    You ll just need to run them at a lower air pressure to help wear and ride. They are tough and a lot of Forest Service and BLM rigs (3/4 and 1 tons) historically ran them as their go to tire. Only reason they don’t run them as religiously as in the past is the cost. They re not cheap! My...
  5. Would really appreciate help on deciding what trim i should get whenever the order banks open again.

    Let me answer your question with a question …” how long are you willing to wait first off”?? If you re not doing serious off road trails and adventures the base or any of the more basic models will be more than capable/adequate. Probably more dependent on what creature comforts are you wanting...
  6. Toyo M-55 : 235/85 R-16

    Those M55 s are a tough, long wearing tire and very off-road capable. They ll be load range E I m pretty certain. I run that size on my Wrangler and have worn out a number of sets. My Bronco is going to stay with C load range or D at max. Jeep with solid axles and all drive the same with rubber...
  7. Hard top vs soft top - highway noise

    My decision of hard vs soft top came down to which one will hold up better when driving through low hanging branches, bush, thorns, etc. It was an easy decision which way to go :-)
  8. 4.46 vs 4.7 Gear Ratio Discussion

    Remember that the AT 2.7 has a torque converter which also multiplies your torque output. Can’t recall what the multiplier is but memory tells me it’s 150-200 %……. Converter stall speed can lower or up it. (My drag racing days are long gone but this torque converter multiplier needs to be...
  9. BadSquatch is awesome!

    👍 Thx for photos, enjoy that thing!!
  10. BadSquatch is awesome!

    Iconic Silver, first one I ve seen a good photo of!! Hope they saved enough to paint my order if/when it gets built. Sharp looking!
  11. should i take this offer?

    If you wait to get exactly what you want you ll also get the new body style and upgrades coming in MY 25/26 ….. lol Do what makes YOU happy. Good Luck.
  12. Full paint correction and ceramic coating results ✨🤩

    Is “paint correction” (fancy word) what a custom body shop calls “cutting and buffing”? If so there’s lots of places around here that you could get that done for $600-800. Clay bar nothing scientific, just some elbow grease. I did my Shelby and SD ( that sucker has a lot of area) myself and not...
  13. Dealer "starting" 2023 retail orders?

    I ve watched local prices start to drop or stuff isn’t moving. Broncos, F150 Lightnings, etc. Don’t assume you have to pay what they re asking…. Times are a starting to change ….
  14. Good Loan Interest Rate Currently?

    Fed meeting again in Nov and Dec. More than likely will see a couple more 1/2 to 3/4 % interest rate bumps. If so, cost of borrowing will reflect these increases shortly after their meetings. We re not out of the woods on these rate increases and the Fed trying to slow things down.
  15. Prices must be going down.

    Car values are falling because many people don’t have the disposable/discretionary income they had when economy was “normal”. We all know this big vehicle price run up is not sustainable.
  16. Prices must be going down.

    Beginning of the end to the madness… it ll be gradual but the end buyer markups are headed downward….
  17. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    WonkyBronky, you re right on; there’s some folks that can afford any price. My point is that flipping demographic will be shrinking sooner or later; there ll always be a smaller population that can pay any price if they want something.
  18. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    Doesn’t bother me a bit…. Waiting is no problem. Some of those ‘Money Trees’ are going to start dying however.
  19. 40-45K unfinished Ford vehicles will be awaiting parts through end of Q3 says Ford

    Scarey to think Ice Mtn 2 in production …. Then probably have Dirt Mtn 2 ….