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  1. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    Just got a note from my dealer saying the Bronco will be there before the end of the month. Super excited.
  2. RokBlokz Mudflaps with oversized tires

    What type of spacers did you use? I have a BL/SQ and I wanted to use some to increase the offset of my wheels.
  3. ADV launches their 5” fiberglass fender flares

    I would love to get these, but based on what I saw with the last ones, these don't seem to be a DIY project if you want a clean fit, unless of course you're an expert, which I am not.
  4. First Bronco Mod questions

    Thanks so much for the reply. So basically the stock SQ tires on my build have a larger diameter than these, so i should be able to get away with an offset and i'll be fine?
  5. First Bronco Mod questions

    I am taking delivery of my Bronco early next month (BL/SQ/V6). I want to do some minor modifications to the exterior. Mainly I am interested in offsetting the tires a bit (more aggressive stance), ADD bumper (if it will not mess with my adaptive cruise control) and a winch. I was wondering if I...
  6. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    No, Florida's arriving by rail. I won't be able to get down there till middle of next month, so I am hoping my dealer can hold onto it for a week extra.
  7. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    I am having mine delivered to the residence in Florida, that's why. Also its coming by rail, not convoy
  8. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    Got my ship email this morning. Delivery between 7/1 and 7/10. Super excited. 😇
  9. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    super jealous. Blend date of 6/4 for me With delivery to central Florida. BCN modules popped yesterday, so here’s to hoping it’s shipped by next week this time. it says rail though so I’m a bit concerned.
  10. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    If I’m looking at the right thing, 8616???
  11. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    My blend date was (6/4/22); I currently see this on the modules page. Should I be concerned? Status is still in production on the other sites.
  12. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    None yet. It's still stuck in a build process...
  13. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    So my blend date was this past Saturday (6/4/22). My Bronco is being delivered to Florida. How much longer do I need to wait before I can pick it up?
  14. 5/23 Build Week

    Checked my build and I am build week 5/23/22. Badland with all (yes I mean all) options.
  15. 5/23/22 build week group

    So I just checked my build today and noticed that I am scheduled for build week 5/23/22. My order is the Badlands with every (I mean every) available option. Any other 5/23/22 build week orders here?
  16. Does Ford Give Priority to Early Bronco Orders?

    Thank you everyone for the comments. I reached out to Ford who confirmed that build priority should be set by the dealer. I then called the dealer who confirmed with me that the build priority of 99 was just for the order confirmation but in fact it is submitted at 19. They had Ford send me the...
  17. Does Ford Give Priority to Early Bronco Orders?

    this is what the seller told me. should I still call Ford?
  18. Does Ford Give Priority to Early Bronco Orders?

    I just sent them an email asking them to explain themselves. This is ridiculous. I only asked to be pushed back to MY22, and that was from September of last year. I did not request them to not build my order. Wondering if it is possible to switch dealerships so late in the game. Or maybe they...
  19. Does Ford Give Priority to Early Bronco Orders?

    Why would they not build? What does that mean?