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  1. Bronco Raptor Rips it’s rear wheel well flare clean off

    A Bronco Raptor spotted with Michigan manufacturer plate in Dillon, Colorado. Looks like some heavy duty offroad testing.
  2. UPDATE: How to Permanently deactivate your Bronco Auto Start-Stop through the dash for free.

    UPDATE: So I got up early before work and headed to my local Ford dealer where my buddy is a service advisor and he had a tech look at it real quick. The Stop Start symbol with the line through it is a real thing, but it means that there is an issue with the system, it’s not an actual way to...
  3. Anybody live in LA area and could bring their Bronco in to be measured for a hard top?

    I was going to use my Bronco to be measured for a company called Rally Tops, for some reason I thought they made them in my area of the country ...turns out they are in LA. Anyway, they make high quality aftermarket hard tops (for a reasonable cost)for many vehicles including Jeeps and are...
  4. 2021 CoPart wrecked First Edition 4 door

    If anyone already posted this ..apologize in advance
  5. 2.7 Underboost condition ..please check the Charge Air Cooler Hose connection

    Had a couple of codes come up going up long stretch of hill going about 75 mph ....Bronco went into limited power mode. Took to dealer and results came in and fixed. the Charge Air Cooler Hose was barely attached to the Charge Air Cooler it was basically sucking air. Good news is I...
  6. 35” - 33” - 31” Fender Flares?

    So I just did a fender flares swap with a fellow B6G member ....Badlands non-Sasquatch flares for my Badlands Sasquatch flares... I noticed my old Sasquatch flares said 35” on the underside and then they are broken down to Right Rear, Left Rear ..etc. The Badlands said 33” My question is does...
  7. Lux Package Lane Keeping Windshield Replacement Cost Over $1000

    So I just found out if I have to replace my Windshield, the current cost is about $1000+ I have the lane keeping / Co-Pilot 360 (Bronco steers back to middle of lane)...this also requires recalibration with new replacement. So you may immediately want to get your window cracks repaired as soon...
  8. Missouri Sold: Trade Sasquatch Fender Flares for Non-Sasquatch Flares

    Missouri, Oklahoma, Eastern Kansas, Northern Arkansas
  9. Bronco Sand Drags

    pretty cool
  10. I think this is Bronco is being made 5 days early? Would be good news for everyone

    My Ford email said my production date would start Sept 6, but just checked it’s in production today. I have my window sticker too Hopefully this will be good news for everyone that Ford is moving a little faster than in the past.
  11. Made in USA Winch

    not sure if a Made in USA winch thread has been created (I did a search but nothing) Currently I can only find Ramsey Winch out of Tulsa, OK as Made In USA Warn no longer makes a Made in USA winch (at least I could not find) Any other companies making a verified Made in USA winch...
  12. Street legal BeadLocks (Rock Monster)

    These Rock Monster Wheels are street legal beadlocks Made In USA ..does anyone have any experience with these? I watched the video and it looks super easy to do.
  13. Ford Patents a new SOLID Front axle system for SUVs, Off Road vehicles and Trucks...Could this be in a Warthog?

    hadn’t seen this posted here yet.. Video says Ford received a patent 6 months ago for a Solid Front Axle system with electric steering. Caught this on youtube ...
  14. Webasto tidbit..another reason the top manufacturer had a slow start

    When Webasto began development of their new top factory ..the developer which Webasto leased from failed to get proper permits and clear cut 2000 trees without permission which put an immediate halt to the project..ultimately causing months of delays, which then pushed it into Covid and further...
  15. Gasoline that’s as clean as electricity will power your new Bronco and classic cars well into the future...synthetic gas

    Porsche and Exxon have developed synthetic gas and plan to roll it out in 2022 for testing. More expensive than regular gas but possibly with twice the range.
  16. What Chipset(s) will the Bronco use and who makes them

    The main chipset Ford will be using for the Bronco is the Mobileye EyeQ3 and the EyeQ4, the new EyeQ5 will be used in the MachE And some F150’s (BlueCruise) later in the 3rd quarter of 2021. The EyeQ3 is used across many vehicles in Ford‘s lineup including some of the Bronco‘s, the EyeQ4 will...
  17. 2021 Bronco Launch Edition sells out in 40 minutes in Mexico

    Who knew? 2021 Ford Bronco Launch Edition Sells Out In Mexico In 40 Minutes April 28, 2021 As we reported yesterday, 2021 Ford Bronco reservations opened this morning in Mexico, with a...